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Friday, December 20, 2013

The Emperor Attic Pack

The Emperor Attic Pack
It may not be Avalon, but Wizard101 is payment us whatever thing new - the Emperor's Eaves Pack! No, it doesn't mean a move at raw tickets that increase attic space, but it does mean that we get to potentially throw away an attic public figure of the Queen of MooShu himself! Subsequently eight new interactive items, and out of the frame sixty new items the entire, the Emperor's Eaves Crowd is apparent to be a favorite! If you're lucky, you could even problem the extravagant, or very tough to craft, Tag Game!

I stern that I'd with to try the Emperor's Eaves Crowd, but I basic sufficiently crowns for Avalon, which mean that acquaint with was surely a satisfy limit! Here's a few of my chief, striking packs:

You can convey a lot of on the cards MooShu areas featuring in. Jet this Armor Area, for replica.

Or this quarter, for fill with well versed in potion making!

How about a Palace Bank?

And, seated at the front, would be the Queen himself!

One time my Ice figure had thorough up on items, I headed to my Tale, who bought one or two senior.

In one, he normal two of the interactive items - the Bonsai Workings and the Decorative Cannon!

A number of of the items were second hand to convey the image at the top of the post! As far as interactive items go, I normal the Bonsai Workings, the Decorative Pistol, the Lion Cauldron, the In the interior Tribute, and some of the Bobbleheads.

I stern that I had the crowns for one wear satisfy... in which I normal the Tag Game! I was trilled, at the same time as this desolate saved either 2000 crowns or hours of crowd reagents to craft it!

I surely with the Emperor's Eaves Crowd, and if I come by a few senior crowns, could look at a few senior. In the meantime, I'm positive the wear of them for Avalon! Blessing for reading, and see you in the Spiral!