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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Day Eight Spell Nine

Day Eight Spell Nine
So starting week two of my low down project. This week I am leaving to bear on undertaking magic for others and uninteresting to come up with my own spells. I am starting off with a spell for Gary, my confederate, he has been frantic for some time with struggle with his connection and track. I am not a spicy fan of Dr's and he has seen above than a few and yet they come into sight to take not been competent to help him one bit. So tonight I did no matter which solitary for him. I traced outlines of every one my timely and missing hands on gawp pieces of paper. On my timely hand I ready a list of the luggage I love about him, on the missing all the luggage I wish for him to take. I with found one of my favorite photos of him which I closed in involving the hands, as if my hands were holding his picture.

Adjoining I opened the circle with the chant I found at Gypsy Fascination the other day

By the earth that is her picture

By the air that is her breath

By the fire of her spirit

By the waters of her womb

As choice, so below,

The circle is ready whole.

I called upon Hecate, the four commands and the four elements. I lite some incense and anointed a red candle with bergamont and benzoin. I chose red in the same way as it is Gary's favorite colour and the oils seemed timely. I consulted Cunninghams's book of herbal magic and they solitary seemed timely.

I defensible the paper/photo in my hands and visualized the Goddess holding me, holding them. Asking her love, her healing, her light flow now him bringing him all he needs to ultimate the life I wish for him, with no harm to none. So Mote It Be.