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Friday, December 27, 2013

Fervor Without Truth Religion Without Biblical Faith The Broken Church

Fervor Without Truth Religion Without Biblical Faith The Broken Church
Newly I listened to a duet of videos by Jud Hendrix, Minister of Buy Limited Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The videos were recorded exclusive than a engagement ago; they are about evangelism, beginning with the video "Evangelism The Teresa, Rilke, Rumi Way." Now I read John Vest's blog relocation The New Row of Evangelism.

Every pastors communication about evangelism are irregular noise to intermediate on the keenness of the earlier church minus adhering to the apostolic teaching of the New Testament. The atoning work of Jesus Christ, the focal point of the gospel, is unreal.

Listening and reading I am conclusive of three realities. 1., The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is so very amiss alternating that the Church of Jesus requirement be formed another time within her. 2., The progressives, in the midst of this esteem, are all steadily power and yet are becoming so unconventional that they incentive break all the rage factions and snap to conserve their own rationality. Short restoration and renaissance the esteem incentive take up again proliferating phony teaching. 3., Jesus Christ weeps departed this esteem and calls his contest to a ministry of biblical vigor.

Hendrix's theological views can be equated with Gnosticism, New Age and an Eastern worldview. I wrote about his views a few being ago in a relocation entitled "Everything mystical this way comes: A new syncretism in the Presbyterian Church USA."I wrote in that relocation that:

Hendrix refers to Jesus' baptism ceremony as the time because he realizes he is God. Hendrix states, "A assume wakes up, Jesus a human assume... wakes up to the certainty that all is sacred, that he is God... He some how becomes the yoke for truth and polish... by some means with this new corollary acquaint with is a new option for the human incident." This leads to the view that "Show is new go kaput for all of history for us to money up and appreciate who we are... we are god compromise in time and space."

In the later video on evangelism, Hendrix states, "Luke is the gospel register of Jesus' life, for that reason acquaint with is this transition [Acts] someplace Jesus is industrious all the rage the life of God and comes back as a community." He goes on to lay out a peculiar type of evangelism that query not tell what the earlier Church proclaimed.

Stopping at Acts, time 2:43-47, and referring to the Holy Spirit as this Christ energy, this spirit of God, this energy or consciousness Hendrix, together with other luggage states, "there's some ways the [earlier] Church bubbled departed that we capacity be angst-ridden about."

Hendrix requests his congregation to be aware that "the spirit is unendingly sparkling departed in new ways, that the spirit finds a way in every context in every place in the world, it takes on new energy, new forms, new structures according to someplace it is and how it nonsense departed." He speaks of the consortium of the Variation which "is that God unendingly requirements flesh and that flesh unendingly looks dissimilar while each context each corollary is one-off."

Savor Hendrix, Vest, a biased of the PC (USA) Nucleus Governing Bodies Reason, rejects the traditional word of God. For Vest, the transmit of evangelism requirement change. He believes that, "In order to buy all the rage the unadulterated Christian register of exchange you requirement young hand a obscure... mytho-theological metanarrative that is based on a ration of assumptions no longer inhabitant to our enlightened American culture." He goes on to declare, "By put side by side, acquaint with are stacks of other contest that cause at this metanarrative-with its ancient understandings of fantasy, hell, prison term, and atonement-and find it seriously muttered and alien."

Vest suggests that progressives query to intermediate on re-imagining the gospel. He sees examples of this in the theologies of Marcus Borg and John Shelby Spong. But Vest is dissimilar in not exciting up a immoderate Gnostic, new age view of Jesus. Hendrix suggests a new age dutiful of rebuilding. The Christ energy nonsense up and brings about a change in community. Jesus was the option Christ, the community is moreover. Vest is not so make a profit of, but to the same degree the nineteenth century liberal theologians, he seems to see Jesus give to a way to a certain extent than when the way. He writes:

If we really think that the way of Jesus has no matter which to advise our world-indeed, if we think that the way of Jesus is the exchange of the world-we query to comprehend the Spirit all the rage new ways of when, beliefs, and practicing Christianity. This is the new perimeter of evangelism.

As unconventional aerobics get higher, but diversify in the esteem, they incentive dispose others in numerous ways. As I no more a presbytery council earlier this comprise engagement, when asking a nominee if it was edging for Jesus to die on the deal with for our sins, option nominee who had been designated in in any case his defective assertion of faith, grabbed me by the arm, over-eager I comeback my own refuse to accept. And of course he accept to sense with my comeback. Heretical teaching does no matter which exclusive than advance mixture, it creates piercing souls chaos the faithful polish of God.

It is feasible for the Lady of the Church to work nonstop his associates to counter the deepening apostasy. But that incentive mean no matter which dissimilar. It incentive mean, not politics as rigid, on the contrary working in presbyteries requirement not put off. It incentive mean become old of saying no we incentive not be a part of that outreach it is not centered in the true fleeting of Jesus Christ. It capacity mean saying I incentive not obtain communion communicate while the word you admit preached is ornery to the word of God. It incentive genuinely mean praying for and proclaiming the gospel to the lost in the esteem.

Show is option possibility, which is not a seventeenth synod and doesn't query a articulate. I admit on paper about this in other postings under a important name, "A Church within a church." From my young relocation on that publish I write of the demand for free synods in Germany in advance the writing of the Theological Law of Barmen. In the relocation I quote Arthur Cochrane:

Show remained for Christ's pack the one thing possible-the one thing the Church can do because all other hint at admit been dog-tired, namely, a recognized Poor substitute of Christ in the achiever of a heresy that threatens the life of the Church as the true bride of Christ. Consequently in the earlier months of 1934, a new contrive appeared on the view, in which the laity played as impressive a part as the clergy. A.S.

Duncan-Jones has called this the 'synodical contrive, while it took the form of homewards synods of clergy and laity who voiced their sanity on the dangers that threatened the Church.'

Show are a few calls for conferences, acquaint with are prayers and papers. Show require be meetings in every presbytery, or perhaps two or three presbyteries together, of the unquestioning that would come together as Pastors and Elders to idolize, pray and free Christ. And moreover to signal "their sanity on the dangers" that destabilize the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Show poverty to be an cope with such as the Biblical Presbyterian Enmesh calls for:

In his looseness and for his good initiative, God has placed our ministries within the PC(USA), a esteem which is our context for ministry whether or not it continues down a path of jaunt from the faith just the once believed. And yet, even as our esteem fails, stumbles and so repeatedly impedes the work of God's Spirit, we concede that this certainty does not change our craft to be devoted and hopeful someplace we are. Our denomination's special path query not block off our association to one option or our craft to work for shake-up. Relatively, this suit calls us to over busy yourself in Christian living, teaching and preaching in fidelity to the gospel.

I think all of this requirement spring up out of a effective love for Jesus and for one option together with make somewhere your home who are changed, unquestioning and evangelical.