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Monday, December 30, 2013

Sky God

Sky God
"I incessantly ridicule the sky God picture of a "God" dominant in the relationships of humans [ as some religions teach] as if some super particular in the sky, some anthropomorphic super man, with hands and feet, is equitably now on a throne and "guiding" this irrational fear we unassailable " this worlds life" to some such end."

"Inhabitants ridicule special effects they don't understand" comes to goal... Specified quote put "brake" head of government, some kinder put "having the status of they are alarmed of them" last longer than.

"I say that if such a particular exists, he or she necessary be a sadist of some come together."

I find the belief in an antropomorphic "sky God" very placatory, and I don't see any compelling chatter why individuality would see this "sky God" as a sadist.

"As a symbol it is elective, but wish the Buddhist teach: it seems that this very perseverance is an thrust in opposition to the time of such a God.

Solid, as the Quran says that man fashion from accuracy formerly the fall, staff underestimate this as if it is a curse from "God" that humans fashion from accuracy.

I say to you, no, it is not a curse from a sky-God, but a metaphysical law of the inner and external construction that determines the "the fall from accuracy" In this impact "God" is the law, not any super particular enraged with a decayed fantasy that he is punishing.

As a part of "God" exhibit are conclusive adepts who sustain retained or regained their manufacture and oversee higher the idea of this material be introduced to, but they Party line magically make special effects truthful, having the status of the fallen days of all - in the macrocosm and microcosm - is hoedown by metaphysical laws that appraise its fortuitous, not any accidental commands by a sky God. In that case we are ALL predestined to become natural by that metaphysical immeasurable law, not any supervision by a "God"

God is that law!"

The "fall of man" is actually a organically Christian interpretation of the Jewish texts. At the same time as Christianity sees as the "fall of man" Islam and Judaism see as life. The "fall" is seen as a phase of life; equally you persuade up, you request decipher your parents, you request move from your parents' home, you request try to be present on your own, join in wedlock, get children and As a result you request be "punished" by the fact of life that your children request do the precise exceptionally special effects you did equally you were at that age ;-). That's part of particular material particular, part of life.

As far as I understand it, Buddhism sees life itself as no matter which "giant", no matter which one call for try to rid oneself of, a "unavoidable evil" one necessary "convoy" - a bit the exceptionally way as Christianity. Christianity has been in any case swayed by the Persian religions which in turn were swayed by the Indian religions. According to Christian column life is no matter which inheretantly bad one necessary convoy in the midst of to get to the "push" - the life formerly life, Public Spring, Paradise, Paradise.

Now, that's no matter which in which Islam differs from Judaism - the belief in Paradise, afterlife, Paradise. Fashion Judaism says there's this life and that's it. As soon as life you die and equally you sustain died, you catch a few 'z' s, you rest. No heaven, heaven, afterlife, Public Spring, modestly rest. Islam believes that if you sustain lived well, you request get back to Paradise, the District, Paradise. In Judaism there's no persistent to cleanliness.

But what do I know - I'm not Jewish, Christian nor Muslim.

Which seems to be looked-for about most of us, so we really can't say suchlike about how these religions see life, God, sin, fall and what not. (Specifically next that these religions consists of millions of staff who all sustain their own opinion on what their religion is and thinks of these special effects...) Not that we don't sustain opinions, and that we can't say what ever we wish. It's modestly that these opinions are nought very, not science, not facts, not even very educated... but who cares :-) We are all the rage to special these opinions, aren't we? Not to learn no matter which.

At any rate, if God is the law, so we are all predestined to become natural by some supervision by God - God the Law. To say that exhibit is no God but God is the Law, but God is not the Law sounds very puzzling and completely forcible... What's more, I view we are previous to natural. We modestly delay forgetting it. :-)

"but religiously, can we sense that god is the huge bright void that one experiences in meditation (samadhi/bliss), but exhibit more to the point exists self monarch light beings (masters and angels) who inert don't know fittingly what god is but specify the teller of all special effects in the spirit of devotion and worship?

can we more to the point sense that god is ruler and no thing can have a stab it's absoluteness, so to speak? so if this is true so i would sustain to ask: do these masters and angels sustain free request or can they austerely perform well-balanced acts of service?

if the later is true so exhibit is no war in heaven and the angels are entirely servicing the law of god. very aligned to the torah and the book of job. if this is true that seems to make bash earth a school...that god tests staff all the if it were not copiousness to hurry us in the squalid of friggin' nowhere, we now sustain to meet halfway with every type of predator as well as medication with angels/satans who trip us up every time we do crime.........


do the angels of old sustain free will? is exhibit spiritual hideousness in high seats. are the rowdy angels military in opposition to humanity? sustain they polluted the material gene and sustain they been dictatorial this lair in the midst of hybrids?

in my goal the twinkle forecast seems to a certain extent condescending safe out of the two.....

now let's al so sense that humans sustain been guided on their getaway all the rage by these beings (good and bad). that each ethnocentric culture industrial their own thinking of god within their own helper localities. this is very affable and good to sense. that to a conclusive section material culture constructed moral perspectives.......irregularly these perspectives clashed. he's austerely our god!

so, the gush i would ask in light of the coming manmade apocalypse that is upcoming due to judaism/christianity/islam, is- why don't they use the machinery that is not on now and turn on every t.v., radio, central processing unit, and entirely tidy everyone at one time that they are all the rage and that every culture constructed their moral point of view on god (and that that is fine) and they may delay worshipping in traditional forms if they inert so yearn for with the new knowledge that their tradition was not the austerely true tradition/belief, but one of many; and that this doesn't disappoint god..........

or would they completely let us go the lair hip oblivion higher this ethnocentric sky daddy row.................."

The fact that God is all-mighty doesn't mean She Requirement use that strength all the time.

The fact that God is all-knowing doesn't turn down Truthful Command. It doesn't mean She influences our choices or that our choices are inevitable.

If you are speaking about the angels described in the Hebrew Scriptures, they don't sustain free request. They can austerely do God's request, and exhibit is no war in heaven. Angels can austerely perform "well-balanced acts of service". How this would "make bash earth a school" is no matter which I don't understand. As far as I know Job was an imperviousness. (As a consequence, Satan is one angel, exhibit aren't condescending than one of him. And he is completely talented as well. At any rate, austerely take steps God's request. Strength sustain own thinking, but isn't crushing to do suchlike but God's request.) Angels aren't out exhibit to "trip us equally we do crime", but condescending to choice us up equally someone very military exercises his free request and does us crime, or equally the life we so appreciate isn't all that we opinion it call for be. ("it's not up to standard, and I necessitate my money back", as Meatloaf sang...)

(And the snake? Yes, he had his own request, but was he transitory in opposition to God's will? Reliable gush... were the humans intended to be crushing to ability home and persuade up? I charge so. Was the "fall" a bad thing? I don't view so. I don't view life is all bad and inconvenience and no matter which to get rid of. I view the world is a sophisticated place and I am sharp to be crushing to be present in it, and I am more to the point very sharp with my man material beings. Good few of them has ever willed me suchlike bad, but most of them has obtainable me nought but good request. So meditating on my own navel and estrangement me from life, pleasures, joy and beauty is not no matter which I'd would like. Not that my navel isn't a sophisticated thing and employ meditating on, it's modestly so unreasonably egocentric and vain. Me, me, me, me, me... I'm condescending about buttress, wealth, vulnerability... no herme/itic traditions for me, thank you :-))

So - the perseverance of thousands of wicked vigorous spirits military in opposition to culture, contaminating the material gene series and fittingly making us genetically loosers from the very beginning, but at any rate mating with these very beings to dream up "hybrids" to controll the lair sounds plausible? Huh. I would would like substitute column to be present by.

"each ethnocentric culture industrial their own thinking of god within their own helper localities"

Now, that's an perseverance I can accord to.

Subsequent to that I don't charge in any "manmade apocalypse that is upcoming due to judaism/christianity/islam", I would important your gush of why "they" don't use the machinery not on to tidy everyone suchlike is that every creature believes condescending in their God than individuality appearing in the media, and everyone knows that one cannot charge suchlike obtainable in partition (as it's all special equipment).

Frankly, if material free request is to go this lair hip oblivion, God may not butt in, nor may the angels who are austerely an hang over of God's request. That would be a penetrate of man's free request.