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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Samhain And The Call Towards Community

Samhain And The Call Towards Community
Featuring in this time of appointment many Pagans, every new and old, atmosphere a call towards community. As we all know, True Fly is not so easy to find. The best place to find goings-on in your range is, and unfailingly has been, The Witches Exclaim. Go to your area's page, and demonstration under goings-on for open rituals, circles and ceremonies in your range. As unfailingly, practice command and see in your mind's eye regular perfume later discussion new kinfolk for the opening time.

...and by the way, if you use or read The Witches Exclaim, probably you have to help slender it, as well, yes? Wary about what you pay on a CD, indulgence or a movie on a usual focal point, and send them that.

California Dreaming:

A make a note of to my readers in California: The Finish Point Earthwise Restricted Encyclopedia has a illustrious list of goings-on in your range. This is a free service we run on to the community.

(My regards to our old friends out here. We love it in the region of, but we miss you, as well. Reveal that you are in our hearts and our posture).

Looking Patrician and Play Good:

This appointment, we are asking our readers to make Samhain aid organization to the out of the ordinary animal and human payment groups that are allotment kinfolk after the California wildfires. Whenever we find a coven or circle holding a charm or community flipside raiser, we unfailingly following to stress that in orange at the top of the calendar. I stormily odd that Pagan groups have to be about on than prancing something like looking "witchy". I viewpoint you do, too. If you know of a Pagan group that does good work in their community, carve and state us about it. You can produce us as info(at) (Fine-tuning the word "at" to an at sign, and the email command go lead)

Support the Fae

Our friend Sprite fine sent us this get on to her recent photos from FairyCon in Phillidelphia, which takes place in mid-October. Further fun was efficiently had.

Our own FCE calendar lists the awesome Lair of Jared slug, which takes place in Los Angeles in summer.

You can view some of the pictures from the 2001 Witches Pellet in the region of. The sphere that appointment was Fairies and we hand-me-down the work of Brian Froud as our attention. We had a illustrious, 3 level prance overcome with places all something like, and a massive dealer room so therefore admission. Exceptional 600 volunteers, and group attended that appointment. It hulk my favorite of all our balls.

All Moral Up and Nowhere To Go?

As our usual readers know, we seize not offered a Finish Point Witches' Pellet for some existence now, not what so many of our aloof staff (your modest servant included) left California. Subdue here are some mild, less important Witches' Balls (1) that go on more or less California and dated, out of order with some lovely Spin Dances (2). Limit them out. It a fine way to catch kinfolk, lacking committing to an concealed circle or a want series of courses.

One of my favorite goings-on in California is put on by our friends at PEERS. It is called the Les Pellet Des Vampires and was completely the protest of an yarn at the San Francisco Disc.

I seize a frivolous spoil for the good children at PEERS. They seize put on remarkable, ample goings-on, every single month for many existence now, and they unfailingly despite the fact that found the time to work with us, as well. The two groups were benefit to lot information and help publicize each other's goings-on. As a consequence, we seize their awesome children at our Witches' Pellet, and many of our kinfolk went to their out of the ordinary balls. That, ladies and chap, is how it's done. In the manner of I see two good Pagan groups in the vastly hamlet disparate sullenly, noticeably of allotment one different, I atmosphere so infuriated. In the manner of I see Pagans put their noses up, and sanction to work with "mundanes" (following the good children at PEERS, who are anything but), I fine middle to curse (pun significant). It's such a be beaten of energy and time.

We can do excel, children. We really can.

Holy Samhain and a Up and doing Halloween to all in the region of,


(1) Our slug was a charm power. It served as every an interfaith and Pagan Nobility growth, and it attracted every Pagans and nonPagans be equal with to a very fun, life affirming, and functional growth, which is whatever thing I am very happy of to this day. It extremely took nine months to send off for, band a breathtaking concord of embryo money and needed many shrewd, fine, abrupt working volunteers to fortitude off. Limit out this page to see the out of the ordinary web sites we built for each slug, out of order with photos and log about that year's concede winner.

(2) In the company of us, I further the less important, homegrown Spin Dances. The illustrious, self serious, member dances disgust me to weep.

Photo: This is an altar built by Fritz Jung and Wren Rock climber, the founders of The Witches Exclaim. It play their black cat, Dixie.

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