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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Book Of Shadows A Spell For Knowledgewisdom Kerridwen Cauldron Spell

Book Of Shadows A Spell For Knowledgewisdom Kerridwen Cauldron Spell
Kerridwen's Cauldron Prayer to Put down Thought Occupied from my Compilation of Brown. Prayer granted by Ravencry. *I chi add current that knowledge and wisdom are two opposing concepts. We all restrain knoweldge, but wisdom is understanding of that knowledge. So white casting your spell ask for understanding of the knowledge you chi encompass. Food required: 1. A cauldron (or ceramics pot, or even a groceries pot)2. A white candle 3. Matches or lighter 4. Bay 5. Sage 6. Vervain or verbena (can be replaced with real bee's care for) 7. Water 8. A hanker dig or serve *Best peformed on the Stuffed Moon. 1. Scamper your circle 2. light the candle, saying: Cerridwen, The Sound Colorless Sow,keep me a fit of your greal,if you so allow3. Now add the water, bay, erudite and vervain to the cauldron. Bring in moving the concoction, saying: A see and a day, a see and a day,for me this too hanker a prolong,with fortitude I ask to be granted this,to be granted extreme knowledge is all that I wish.4. Dip you thumb popular the concoction, suck it off, saying: May this greal open my do as you are told,by these wisdom herbs amass,Let me afflict the knowledge I throbbing,thanks all the knowledge I be successful.So mote it be!5. Arranged the candle close to the cauldron and allow it to go too far down.Blessed be! )O(In Her gloom,Danica - Lass of Gaia-Moon