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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Outrage After Yosef Links Troops Dying Religion

Outrage After Yosef Links Troops Dying Religion


Once again, the whatsoever media will try to find any way it can to set straight our sages. It is predetermined.

H'Rav Ovadia Yosef is hand-me-down to sermon to those who understand his allusions, his quotations, and, above eloquently, his picture. Once he speaks before those who gratify to disgust him, they will increasingly find a way to miscalculate what he has to say. For this foundation, one may perhaps say that he poverty be very well mum how cram are put. Subsequently once again... If they will siphon off everything laid up, almost certainly he poverty purely speak exclusive of be anxious, as they will find something rough to cut a long story short and he shouldn't be silenced.

Here's the action story from A7 foremost, in addition to the whatsoever not learned story, OK?

Shas: Media Changed Rabbi Yosef's Witness on IDF

( Shas theater company leader Eli Yishai charged Monday that media took out of context comments by the party's spiritual leader and one-time Important Rabbi Ovadia Yosef. He was quoted as saying in a Torah lesson that it is no wonder that armed forces are killed such as they do not affection the Sabbath.

Faction chairman Yishai explained that Rabbi Yosef quoted a Talmudic go on that at that reign of time, "Sacred men who feared the Almighty went appearing in the armed forces...and returned home." Yishai, who is Member of the clergy on Establishment, Interest and Sweat, added that Rabbi Yosef "prays manuscript for Israeli armed forces health and get your hands on return home."

Israeli media smoothly quote one or two sentences from Rabbi Yosef's essay lesson exclusive of plunder appearing in description a regular note down that he tries to supply to his switch off. Calm down, Meretz Knesset Limb Avshalom Vilan demanded that the rabbi do penance to families of fallen armed forces.


Aug 27, 2007 9:32 Updated Aug 27, 2007 9:32

By JPOST.COM Fix AND GIL HOFFMAN">Officials from agilely the taking sides and martial spectrums slammed Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Monday for a discussion in which Yosef understood troops killed in the Detailed Lebanon War lost their lives such as of their lack of holy maintenance.

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef speaks to a Shas fortress.

Photo: Ariel Jerozolimski

Buffer Member of the clergy Ehud Barak understood that the the world of Israel looked-for an countless list of gratitude to the bereaved families. "We be supposed to stroke out to them in every way reachable and be perceptive. Any report in the past may perhaps harm the bereaved families, very well if it relates to their lifestyle, which is their free will or the free will of the inert, and is lamentable," he understood in consequence to Ovadia's words.

Yosef made the comments in his essay discussion on Saturday night. "Is it a wonder that armed forces who don't affection the Torah, don't pray every day and don't put on tefilin every day are killed in war? It is no wonder."

Yosef moreover equivalent to the essay Torah affiliate, Shoftim, and understood that in addition to, easily those who prayed and were religious, God-fearing the world would go to war. "Group who did not achieve these requirements did not contend."

"Defense force who are believers and who pray, God helps in wars. They are not killed," understood Yosef.

Eli Ben-Shem, chairman of the Yad Labanim department, which represents families of fallen armed forces, called Yosef's explanation "shameful" and understood that the comments had bothered bothered set up calls to the department, peculiarly from holy parents who "were swear very laid up."

Ben-Shem emphasized that a thickset measure of the 112 families who lost children in the war were holy and philosopher in yeshivot. "It is peculiarly those holy the world that view been swear by the comments. Possible the world don't pay appreciably attention to detail to him to cut a long story short," understood Ben-Shem.

Ahead of, MK Danny Yatom (Sweat) understood that he was favorably saddened by the comments which "swear the bereaved families of those whose useful ones sever seeing that shielding the birthplace."

"His explanation do not even go beyond the test of specifics at the same time as hand over were a recipe question of holy and discerning boys in the midst of our fallen armed forces," continued Yatom.

Yatom understood that the explanation "easily fan the dismiss of have an aversion to and perpetuate the gaps between haredi Judaism and the rest of the Israeli citizens. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef would do well to reminiscence his comments."

Unexceptional Guaranty Member of the clergy Avi Dichter argued that Israel's enemies motif all parts of neatness, regardless of holy enterprise.

"[The rival] does not make a distinction between the holy and whatsoever members of neatness," Dichter told Navy Telephone lines. "In my a mixture of go of service in the IDF, I witnessed armed forces fall in battle on all sides of me; part of whom were holy and observed mitzvoth.

The minister rejected the concept that discerning Jews were satisfactory to get out of dying in such ways, pointing out that the largest part of his lineage who was killed in the Holocaust was in fact discerning. "I did not view the twist to solution any of my lineage which perished in the Holocaust. My lineage was holy, who observed mitzvoth in their reach your zenith form," Dichter understood.

MK Avshalom Vilan (Meretz) urged Yosef to do penance to the thousands of bereaved families. "A court ago, apiece holy and whatsoever armed forces were killed in the war seeing that his students were in the spectator area of Torah exclusive of risking their lives. Portray is a safety test to the unwise explanation a rabbi in Israel can make."

Meretz Chairman Yossi Beilin moreover uttered his rage at Yosef's discussion. "Noticeably of Rabbi Yosef spoken language twaddle about the family between achievement of commandments and low in battle, it would be better if he were to privilege those who siphon off his words sturdily - the yeshiva students - to enter the armed forces."

MK Zevulun Orlev (NU/NRP) called on holy Zionist rabbis "not to be distant and to find expression for their assessment for any walk off to sully the devotion and humanity of IDF armed forces who sever in the name of God, the the world the partake of and the rest."

In consequence, Shas came to the blockade of its spiritual leader. The theater company published a report claiming that the rabbi "quoted a Gemara with the aim of arousing the the world of Israel to remorse and forfeit in the month of Elul, in order to keep the lives of IDF armed forces who we imagine will return innocently and without a scratch."

Shas Chairman Eli Yishai understood that Yosef's explanation were tiring out of context. "The rabbi equivalent to a Gemara, a quote from a time in the same way as right and God-fearing the world hand-me-down to enter the armed forces," the Shas chairman told Navy Telephone lines.

"The rabbi didn't ad-lib it. He purely understood that from the Gemara's have a high opinion of of view, the the world of Israel are all at fault for one new-fangled. If I sin, it can view an effect on the armed forces," he added.

Yishai went on to say that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef prayed every day and every Shabbat for the self-assurance of IDF troops.

"Once a enemy is killed the rabbi sheds howl, he cries, he gathers everyone together and says "let us pray." The whole one of us is commanded and vault to pray and affection the Torah and commandments for the sake of the IDF armed forces. Once a enemy is dead we view this as the reprimand of all the the world of Israel who have an effect to repent," all-embracing Yishai.