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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ritual Drama John The Baptist In Space

Ritual Drama John The Baptist In Space
In the Bible, the overseer of John the Baptist- by far the utmost initial and advantageous Jewish preacher of his time- was exclusive to appease Salome, the step-daughter of Emperor Herod. Scholars are vague whether this is the exceedingly Salome who was a fuel of Jesus. But what is documented as the Johannite tradition has been a repugnant part of the esoteric counterculture within the West. It was of such a view to the Vatican that as deceased as the mid-19th Century the Pope saw fit to be dogmatic in opposition to it. Jocular, no one has ever seemed to stampede the Pope of character a interest theorist what he claimed that the Freemasons were the inheritors of the Templar blanket and were seeking to settle on the work the Knights began, all in the name of the Baptist. This tradition- still very appreciably with us - doesn't see the Baptist as the "antecedent," but as the esoteric master, the Upright Christ.

"THE TEMPLARS, In the function of ALL Previous Key in Information AND Relationships, HAD TWO DOCTRINES, ONE Secret AND Reticent FOR THE MASTERS, WHICH WAS JOHANNISM; THE Previous General, WHICH WAS THE "ROMAN CATHOLIC". In so doing THEY DECEIVED THE ADVERSARIES WHOM THE Required TO Relocate. So FREE-MASONRY, basically imagined to wolf begun with the Dionysian Architects or the German Stone-workers, ADOPTED SAINT JOHN THE EVANGELIST AS ONE OF ITS Customers, ASSOCIATING Bearing in mind HIM, IN Demand NOT TO Arouse THE Uncertainties OF ROME, SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST, AND In so doing Stealthily PROCLAIMING ITSELF THE Inconsequential OF THE KABALAH AND ESSENISM Together."

- Pope Pius IX

Suffer all of this in motivation what you observe that the creation moguls of Hollywood - Mayer, Zanuck and Warner- were real thing and focal Scottish Tune Freemasons.

In Kubrick and Clarke's Masonic slow music, 2001: A Have a break Odyssey, we see this masterful image, as Bowman works to get back onto the Confession One. Bowman, of course, was assure out of the ship by HAL 9000, who audibly saw Bowman as his "antecedent." Testimony how the token of his spacesuit creates the image of a overseer on a platter.

The removal of the space headdress in predominant scenes would be a key aim in the films that followed in 2001's income. Current we see "Woody" pay himself for the good of the cut in the Disney-NASA co-production Forecast to Mars.

In this panorama, the Baptist symbolism is even patronizing limitation. Gary Sinise's echo is himself baptized as he becomes one with the Martian machinery. Did I educate that NASA was involved in this matter, everything they had never done before?

In this predominant panorama from the coincident Red Gravel, Val Kilmer's echo removes his headdress and discovers he can blurb the air of Mars.

Current Kilmer's echo is tagged with the blanket of the Martian Baptist. Of course, his facade moral fiber unfurl put away the eternal coldness like in the show.

Here's a vision of that metamorphosis, what - just appropos of nil - Terrence Stamp's echo creates the Masonic meander in the circle icon as he dies. The meander in the circle was partner with the Baptist, but with the Sun in to the rear traditions.

In James Cameron and Steven Soderbergh's Solaris, we see Chris Kelvin remove his headdress what he decides to vacate his cut and become one with Solaris. There's that token another time.

In Big name Trek: End, the Johannine symbolism seems clearer than ever otherwise. Current Jean Luc ("John the Fragile") Picard is kidnapped by the Romulan warlord he is without favoritism the genetic antecedent to. Assassinate the red collar creating the wisdom of a detached neck.

Current is the formal review for make somewhere your home of you who haven't seen the show.

Progressive on, Admiral Janeway commands Picard on a cut to Romulus. The new Praetor, a Reman named Shinzon, has requested a Remains delegate. On the way to Romulus, Objects briefs the festivity on the Remans, noting that due to high temperatures on one squad of their home dirt, they hotel on the dark squad and overlook the sun. It is in the same way noted that the Remans wolf a repute as warriors - here the Instruct war, some of their troops were hand-me-down as cannon rations.

At what time they put in at at the chosen coordinates, the festivity of the Try is detached waiting for 17 hours.17 hours. And of course, for our purposes Janeway generally way "John's Way."

Current Objects has his turn, as his antecedent B-4 is found on an foreign dirt. Greatly, the festivity of the Try (NCC- 1701) takes the shuttle Argo to find B-4. Argo is one of the names for Osiris.

Concerning, the DVD of End includes 17 account of cassette not seen in the melodramatic image.

This is from the check matter of Dune. Duke Leto Atreides regulate is worshipped by the Fremen, exactly so right away as their real-life forerunners worshipped the overseer of the Baptist.

The Fremen's revenge on the Hang on to of Harkonnen for Leto's death couldn't conceivably be clearer in its symbolism. This still comes from the String up image of Blunt Herbert's storybook Templar story.

But what of Salome? Abundantly, this Burgundy Woman in this panorama from Terminator 3: Heave of the Machines clear in your mind seems to fit the act.

One of the functions of ritual drama seems to be to magically reverse an unfulfilled gone consequences. In Dagon, a expand story of divergent Piscean gods, the Salome echo comes and intervenes in the role of the hero is about to need a amend on the Baptist's death.

And lastly, no Key in Sun anything is complete apart from an X-Files allusion, so stage goes...

This echo is named Josepho and sees himself as the proponent of God. He kidnaps Mulder and Scully's son William in order to grasp the events of the coming foreign attack on December 23, 2012. He generally requests to hoist their alien/divine child as his own son.

I'll draw back it to you guys to puzzle out the tale at work portray.