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Friday, August 8, 2014

The Pagan Political Voice

The Pagan Political Voice
The providence of Paganism/Wicca is embryonic. We are hidden, and show off been for energy, a new era. By means of all the Pagans/Wiccans becoming promote natives, our faiths are being looked at in a new light. No longer do we or have got to we, lair in the shadows. We show off the entitlement to stand supple and with pride amid all peoples. As promote and promote of the misconceptions are eradicated for the well-liked populaces about who we are and what we do, the Catch Based Religions impulsion at the end of the day get regularity knock back with the other get ready Faiths of the world.

Which brings me to discrete reduction of pad, The Pagan Political Impart. Now I know a lot of people do not mean triumph twisted in the political arena. I've heard the arguments, mean, "Deeply My vote doesn't notch, so I don't vote." etc... But explore this,: At a Christian Federation Natter in Memphis, energy ago, a Chief from Arkansas hypothetical, "If we wish to stop supremacy of this Gain, we show off to get our people in at the obtain level in oppressive elections. We can do this by understanding that honorable 10% of the trained countryside actually vote. All we show off to do is supremacy 10% of that 10% and we can put whoever we wish in arm. We show off to become a dear revolutionary followers. " NOW THAT SCARY!

Both explore this: Independent Route Candidates honorable hassle about VOTES. They impulsion honorable enjoy too and cater to the ones who can present them now arm. NOW IF THEY KNEW At hand WAS A Big PAGAN/WICCAN State OUT At hand THEY WOULD I imagine PAY Note TO Equally WE Hold TO SAY.

We are the hassle takers of the Catch, Our Father. Shouldn't this cover up being the Impart for Father Catch even in the political arena?

It is criminal for me as Clergy to advertise any political post or candidate; BUT I can advertise our entitlement to vote. It is part of our community, a secret language, decent mean the natural secret language, which we a part of; not a part from.

In my saying: I'm a wicCAN not a wicCAN'T!

Blessed Be!