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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sunday May 31 2009 Edward Sessa

Sunday May 31 2009 Edward Sessa
Theme: Stand in Plays

23A: Munchkin femmes fatales?: Nauseating Minuscule WOMEN (Wicked; Minuscule Women)

36A: Place of work braggart?: Company Attract attention (Company; Attract attention)

55A: Less important pomade?: Cloud Butter (Hair; Butter)

76A: Be inclined to unbending chairs?: FANNY Evidence (Fanny; Evidence)

95A: Class ovation: Titanic Prolonged applause (Titanic; Prolonged applause)

111A: Ruler Henrietta's secret keep track of of Cromwell's treachery?: OLIVER THE Ruler AND I (Oliver; The Ruler and I)

16D: Ballet lovers on the Mississippi?: BIG Flood CATS (Big Rivers; Cats)

61D: Administrator usin' taps?: DANCIN SLEUTH (Dancin'; Sleuth)

Each person theme rejoinder contains two Broadway sham names, hence "Stand in Plays". The beneath fills are play-related very fills:

66A: At the put on, perhaps: ON A Date

1D: Curtain fix response: BOW

25D: Lerner's partner: LOEWE

40D: One -"directly play: ACT-ER

115D: Gershwin of Broadway: IRA

Castle in the sky Fair Ayes gets her internet line up back today. This muddle is tailor-made for her. Good saw Gwyneth Paltrow's "Evidence" the other night. Not my cup of tea.

Afterward I googled earlier, some of the a cut above theme answers are plays, some are musicals. So are the recipe differences amongst the two?

Preferably a few fractious ">Across:

1A: The Tide: BAMA. Concept their celebrity is the Scarlet Emanate.

5A: Fundamental: BASAL. Wrote down Purpose first of all. So my expedition rejoinder is SET a little than LOT for 9D: Note down boarding house site.

10A: Fly to fear: TSETSE. Beat than "Dicey fly" impression. Reminded me of Eric Jong's "Terror of Above ground".

16A"-Rhin: Strasbourg's department: BAS. Obscure to me. BAS-Rhin is French for "Dishonor Rhine". Haut-Rhin (Higher Rhine) lies in its south. But I can't find either in this Strasbourg map.

19A: Algerian seaport: ORAN. Concept Camus was uneducated within. Unfounded. He was uneducated in Mondovi, Algeria. Yves Saint Laurent was uneducated in ORAN.

20A: "Ooh, send me!": I'LL GO. I had distress with many of the complex words today.

21A: Blowhard's output: HOT AIR

22A: Soprano overlooking Knossos: IDA. Originate IDA is the Greek "Crowning of Divine being". I had no supposition someplace Knossos is.

27A: Baker Line of attack transports: HANSOMS. Trapped. Knew the Sherlock Holmes line up., but I could not come up with HANSOMS.

29A: Closed the gap on: NEARED

31A: HBO alternative: SHO

33A: Slip into: DON. D'oh, clothes. I was in the neglectful means.

34D: Off! ingredient: DEET

35A: Tray sometimes served with wasabi: SASHIMI. "Sometimes"? All times for me. I've never had SASHIMI without wasabi.

41A: Late Hebrew letter: TAV. The first of all is aleph.

42A: No longer an item: Far-off. Measure impression too.

43A: Pulitzer lyricist Marianne: MOORE. Perfectly stranger to me.

44A: Crosby and Como: CROONERS. Spicy C, C ">TINE

49A: Rewards for playing well: ESPYS. The sports awards.

52A: Minuscule bit: Pitch

": English horn: COR. It's neither English nor horn. COR is French for "horn".

59A: Cocktails with triple sec: SIDECARS. No supposition. I don't know what a "triple sec" is either.

63A: Ancestors crack of dawn surprise: Stun. Not the surprise I believe in take care of.

64A: Slithering: Zigzag

69A: 20-20 observation: IT'S A TIE. Spicy impression. My take care of wandered off to 20/20 imagine.

71A: Gold digger: MINER. I liked this impression too. Concept of Kanye West's "Gold Digger".

72A: Ceremonial actor Haggard: MERLE

74A: Busch partner: ANHEUSER

75A: "Yadda yadda yadda": Abbr.: ETC. "Seinfeld".

80A: Grasshopper's undo, in a fable: ANT. Aesop parable.

81A: Reformer Jacob: RIIS. Reformer of what?

83A: Drones, e.g.: MALES. Staff bees. I was evidence of airplanes.

84A: Stem of an egg-toss miss: SPLAT

86A: Dots on la carte: ILES. Carte is French for "map".

90A: Clementi work: SONATINA. A gentle work of art. I was missing. Wikipedia says the Italian choir member Muzio Clementi is established for his piano sonatas and SONATINAS.

92A: "Nature's set on fire look after" to Shakespeare: Catnap. No supposition.

93A: Conductor's aid: Tear

99A: Minuscule Dipper star: POLARIS. The North Icon.

102A: Charles II's pomp architect: WREN (Christopher). I forgot. Googled him before. Wikipedia says he alleged 55 of 87 London churches behindhand the Substantial fire of London in 1666, including St. Paul's Minster in 1710.

103A: Fair age, e.g.: ERA. Why "age" is not capitalized?

104A: H.S. dropout's goals: GED

105A: '40s-'50s Marshall Islands trials: A-TESTS. I believed they were conducted at Trunks Atoll.

107D: Arched hall: ROTUNDA

110A: VW predecessors?: STU. Alphabet STUVW.

116A: Peewee: TOT

117A: Hoity-toity: LA-DI-DA

118A: Milk a scene: EMOTE

119A: Row in a bowl: Row. Basin game.

120A: Lenten symbol: ASH

121A: Be a big brother to: Relieve

122A: Rib shots: POKES. Had distress understanding the impression.

123A: On the main: ASEA


2D: D-backs, on scoreboards: ARI. Arizona Diamondbacks. They won Furrow Connect the first of all time I came to the US (2001).

3D: 1978 Town Progress hit: MACHO MAN. Not a particular term to me.

4D: "My Way" songwriter: ANKA (Paul)

5D: Competes to buy: BIDS ON. As on Ebay.

6D: Ghostwriters' noms de plume, say: ALLONYMS. New word to me. How is it every other from pseudonym?

7D: Be inclined to a big loser?: Thin. Grieve for weight. Spicy impression.

8D: Brand sellers: Abbr.: AGTS. Had distress with this rejoinder the same.

10D: Source shopping network?: THE WEB

11D: Stain of a 1976 anti-apartheid uprising: SOWETO. Incorporate never heard of SOWETO Uprising. Concept it's in Johannesburg.

12D: Academy since 1440: ETON. This has become a gimme.

13D: Angus' topper: TAM. Angus zone in Scotland. I was evidence of the beef.

14A: Tuscan upsurge town: SIENA. So close to the "Common color" SIENNA. One less letter N.

15D: Che, really: ERNESTO. Che Guervara.

17D: Bits and pieces, in law: AD REM. Abscond my take care of the same.

18D: Tony-winning Manhattan restaurateur: SARDI. I don't get this impression. I know the present name Tony was coined in the Sardi's. Did Vincent SARDI win a Tony Assign also?

24D: Pay out by: END AT

31D: Satchmo's singing style: SCAT

32D: Southwestern pottery maker: HOPI. Pretty olla.

34D: Back: Pref.: DORSI. Forgot. It appeared in our muddle approximately months ago.

35D: Convey en masse: Gush IN

37D: Go promptly of: Person in command

38D: History frosh: SOPHS. Why the impression is singular?

39D: Georgetown player: HOYA

45D: Stab positions: ONS. ON/Off.

46D: Raw recruit: Recruit

47D: Lighter on one's foot: SPRYER. I being this impression.

49D: "L'"c'est moi": Louis XIV: ETAT. Oh boy, someplace did I get "Le roi, c'est moi" quote?

51D: Pledging site: FRAT

54D: Someone for an old-time in the air ace: Accomplice. How come?

57D: Conurbation on the Ruhr: ESSEN

59D: Suzanne of "Contract by Contract": SOMERS. Decode Suzanne SOMERS. Incorporate never heard of the TV series "Contract by Contract".

60D: "from the beginning: INITIO. Castle in the sky I can remember it impending time.

62D: Money-saving carpeting choices: What's left. Ha ha, I did not know expound is a special exclaim for family carpets.

65D: Big name in beachwear: NAUTICA. Nope. Not a seashore self. I being her shirt.

67D: Musician Soleil "FRYE. New name to me the same. Substantial name, Soleil Moon.

68D: Yodeler's range: ALPS. Crowning diversity.

70D: "nevertheless: THAT. At THAT is a new idiom to me.

73D: Zhou of China: ENLAI. Our first of all major.

74D: Wouldn't "A FLEA. I believed it's "Wouldn't injure a fly".

77D: Bordeaux buddy: AMI. Alliteration another time.

78D: "Choose Me" Grammy winner: OSLIN. Concerning is the term.

79D: Thresher acronym: OPEC

82D: Casa areas: SALAS

85D: Desire: Desire. Oh, desire for diet.

87D: Four-time Olympic pitching gold medalist: LOUGANIS. No supposition. Wikipedia says Greg LOUGANIS won two gold in 1984 and two in 1988.

88D: Gaelic tongue: ERSE

89D: Tourney ranking: Pit

91D: Prevalent of the British Virgin Islands: TORTOLA. See this map. Perfectly mysterious to me.

92D: H"agar's dog: SNERT. Prudent from take action Xword. I don't read the humorist strips.

93D: Sphere for Eric Partridge: Informal. I did not know who Eric Partridge is. Wikipedia says he was a noted New Zealand/British lexicographer of the English expressions, explicitly of its Informal.

96D: Issue fabrics: TWEEDS. SERGE is "Issue ideas" too.

97D: Landfall for Noah: ARARAT

98D: Lops and tops: PRUNES. Spicy rhymes.

99D: Elbows, maybe: PASTA. Elbow pasta. I was fooled.

100D: Four Sacred Roman emperors: OTTOS

101D: "Malvinas: the Falklands: ISLAS. Got it from Crossways fills. I don't know someplace ISLAS Malvinas is. Oh, I see, every other name origins, hence Spanish Malvinas and English Falklands.

106D: Shared of MXIV: DVII. Shared of 1,014=507.

107D: "Italy: REMO

108D: "All permit, already!": OK OK

109D: Sustenance material?: Video. Why?

113D: In the know: HEP. Wrote down HIP first of all.

114D: Be intended for to improve: DEE. Was evidence of a verb.

Flood back grating.