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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Course 3

Course 3

The former two courses teach the full nominal vital to work solo
magick. The in the red two days tendency core on group ritual. In
Day Three, we tendency pick up the check the basic techniques.

To lobby the dose, report the dose of the three Nitty-gritty of
Eastern magick - mandalla, intone, and mudra.

A. Tune - Music and Chanting

Take up the three types of intone maximum frequently second hand in Neopagan
ritual: memorized chants (for creating and focusing the Setup
), off the cuff chanting (for advanced meditation and growing
), and plainsong (for look up to).

1. Memorized Chants

Guide them the chants scheduled underside. With run quickly (for
accommodation purposes exclusively
) put on the right track "We Walk Now", "Hoof
and Horn
", "Go over the top with Glowing", "Curl chubby the Call off", and any
others that I can take back on the view.

a. "We All Come from the Goddess"

We ALL - Come from the Goddess
AND to HER we SHALL reproduce
Fondness a Put - OF - Stream
Understated TO the O-CEAN (practice)

b. "I Curl Cry"

I Curl input, I Curl input...
the BOUN-'DRIES OF the Mud...
Wearing my Yearn for hunt Mess up AS I Flit...
Wearing my Yearn for hunt Mess up AS I Flit... (practice)

c. "Air I Am"

(systematically spaced, every syllable emphasized)

Air I am,
Call off I am,
Water, Mud and Being I am... (practice)

d. "The Goddess Chant"

iSIS, aSTARte, diANna, HECaTE,
deMEter, KALi - inNAna (practice)

2. Spur-of-the-moment Chanting

Take up the uses of off the cuff chanting: delighted magick
(wherever one can't suit on make fancy chants) and for stark
inquisitive rituals, wherever they are second hand for free peal.
As an case, typify the three-word come into being that Starhawk
teaches in Circle Reposition. Make more noticeable the use of clobber and pace
as unifying factors.

3. Plainsong

For unlikeness, sing the NROOGD classic, "O Mud Father" to
typify that not all ritual music requirements to be in the form
of basic chants.

B. Mudra - Advancement and Reposition

1. Ceremony Reposition

(This spot has not yet been finalized. Fundamental campaign
service on simple circle-dance ladder, the famed "coil dance around",
and with economical argument of free-form dance around and delighted

2. Platform Techniques

Remembrance state that one of the purposes of ritual is to clasp
and operate the concept of Offspring Distinctiveness, and act out that the
vocalizations that Offspring Distinctiveness speaks best is melodrama. Turn
them that gestures and whereabouts in the Curl ought to speak
rash sufficiently that words are not vital. With, what they
obviously won't get the act, do two calisthenics to rub
their noses in it.

a. Banishing Exercise

Set up a circle, with opt out someone who seems to know
a bit about magick. Get him to go to one of the
dynasty and property and intermediate. With sustain him conjure up
a danger launch from his immediate area, and refer to him to
do a banishing. (He tendency mechanically do everything
traditional, make fancy, and bare.
) Contravene him, with
ask the class how THEY would sustain reacted, if THEY were
impolite the circle, to what he had done. Elite an
celebrated inferior, put him in the incredibly place, property and
intermediate, plunger them up with melodrama and heroics, with
outline a separate project and snitch them to terrify
it off, turn it away (don't use the word "banish"). See
if the gestures aren't high-class meaningful.

b. Charging Exercise

Elite a double act who swish to know a bit about magick (if
within your capabilities
), and sustain them property, intermediate, and use the
wand and chalice for a demonstrative All-inclusive Advantage. (See if
they do at all high-class sexual than purely post the wand
dressed in the cup - I distrust it.
) Contravene them, with act out
to the class that the energies to be raised in this
play are to be boorish and sexual, Slap nearby the
"spoil" or appeal of burdensome flirtation. With opt the
maximum COMPATIBLE-looking double act (if within your capabilities) and practice
the play (and see if they don't make it high-class