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Thursday, August 7, 2014

European Dharma Walkabout Movie

European Dharma Walkabout Movie

The European Dharma" Yatra" (spiritual leisurely walk, slip, or pilgrimage) has been separation on equally 2001. Disdainful 200 ancestors from extend than 20 countries comprehensive country each summer to:

Dancing a jig in the plant Dharma Yatra 2010 (Christopher Titmuss/Flickr)

Dharma includes: harden meditations with momentary and guidance, Dharma wisdom via group and separate meetings with teachers, and Dharma summit and purpose.

"Yatra" includes five hours of chummy walking-meditation every day. We leisurely walk together on this spiritual slip. The aim of pilgrimage is walking one point at a time, one clue at a time, allowing ourselves sizeable friendship with the here-and-now. Contacting the immediacy of life deepens our contact with and understanding of the world impart and within us.

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* "WALKABOUT" (Background) -- the ground-breaking Australian inspiration?