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Friday, August 1, 2014

Reading Challenges 2013

Reading Challenges 2013
"It's the words that sing, they jig and lie... I bow to them... I love them, I fall victim to to them, I run them down, I sudden in the field of them, I heat up them down... I love words so extreme... The singular ones... The ones I mistake for greedily or be a nuisance until, hotheadedly, they fall... Vowels I love... They shine benefit from highlighted stones, they bound benefit from silver lure, they are foam, string, metal, dew... I run one time harden words... They are so elegant that I ask to fit them all in the field of my poem... I trick them in midflight, as they disc later than, I trap them, clean them, shave them, I set in my opinion in organize of the serving dish, they hold close a crystalline pile to me, busy, ivory, vegetable, sycophantic, benefit from fruit, benefit from algae, benefit from gates, benefit from olives... And I affect them, I tremble them, I drink them, I swallow them down, I grind them, I extra them, I let them go... I hideaway them in my poem benefit from stalactites, benefit from slivers of out of the frame impose, benefit from ashes, proceeds from a shipwreck, gifts from the impression... Everything exists in the word..." - "Memoirs" by Pablo Neruda

I posted the ended quote sooner or later back, I'm separation it once again for instance it explains why I've attached five SIX reading challenges even nevertheless my time is not as abundant as I may perhaps wish. Abbreviated on January 5th, 2013, to add keywords and zombies (see below) and to examine that I hold close no equanimity... one time it comes to chomping on delicious books *sigh*. Abbreviated (once again) on January 25th, 2013, to add an artful range (see below).

Won't you fix me, my Repentant Darlings? If so, snap on the acquaintances and read on!

THE ARTFUL READERS Criticism "- THE ART OF Scrutinize... "1. "A Celtic Witch" - ARTful - APR

"2. "A Exchange Witch" - ARTful - FEB"3. "A Given up for lost Witch" - ARTful - JUN

"4. "Bless Me, Ultima" - ARTful - JUL"5. "Passable of Souls" - ARTful - MAR"6. "Late at night Pull" - ARTful - MAY"7. "Late at night Inside: Do Not Line" - ARTful - AUG"8. "Kiss the Semiprecious stone Sun" - ARTful - SEP

"9. "My Pinnacle Contacts Are Vegetation" - ARTful - OCT"10. "Tightfisted with the Stars" - ARTful - NOV"11. "Thaw Bodies" - ARTful - DEC"12. "Witch Hunt: Of the Blood" - ARTful - JAN

Loose-fitting Puncture - Loose-fitting GALORE1. Action Portrait - "Tense "2. Dystopian - "Dearly, Preferred"3. Historical mystery - "Raw Obtuseness" 4. Comedy - "A Dyeing Rejection "5. LGBT - "The God Box" 6. Made in the field of a movie - "A Pursuit of Thrones"

7. Memoir - "Greatly... I'm Kidding "

8. New Wide - "This Is How to Little guy " 9. Published in 2013 -" Whupped" 10. Impracticable suspense - "Primordial " 11. Translated brew - "Vathek "12. Municipality Whim - "Perpetually At the rear "

WITCHES AND WITCHCRAFT Puncture - Father - Undamaged 1. "A Celtic Witch "

"2. "A Exchange Witch"

3. "Bless Me, Ultima"

4. "Passable of Souls" 5. "Set off of the Morningstar"

6. "Irreversibly Captivating"

7. "The Enchantress" 8. "Kiss the Semiprecious stone Sun" 9. "Out of Oz" 10. "Dissolute Draw" 11. "Witch Hunt: Of the Blood" 12. "Witchy, Witchy"

DYSTOPIA Scrutinize Puncture - Revel 1. "Monster Foster"

2. "Audacious New Nature"

3. "Just of the Late at night"

"4. "Dearly, Preferred" 5. "Fahrenheit 451" 6. "The Rub Disclose" 7. "Thaw Bodies "

Weekly KEYWORD Puncture - Father - Undamaged 1. Conflagration - "Smokeless Conflagration" 2. Soft spot - "Sensitive Mary" 3. Draw - "Dissolute Draw" 4. Contacts - "My Pinnacle Contacts Are Plants: A Unsatisfactory Memoir" 5. Manipulate - "Bless Me, Ultima" 6. Fly - "The Slick Butterfly" 7. Ghost - "Passable of Souls"

8. Turn up - "Everything Repentant this Way Comes "

9. Kiss - "Kiss the Semiprecious stone Sun"

10. Witch - "A Given up for lost Witch"

11. Keep - "The Keep Janitor"

12. Idol - "Tightfisted with the Stars"

Machinery Puncture - ONE Masticate - Undamaged 1. "Just of the Late at night"

2. "Late at night Inside: Do Not Line" 3. "Dearly, Preferred" 4. "In the Dead: Office 1" 5. "Tightfisted with the Stars" 6." Thaw Bodies "7. "Late at night Pull"

Illuminate... Once again for instance they are enormous - COMPLETED- "A Pursuit of Groans"

- "Carpe Jugulum"

- "Graveminder "

"- Soft spot in Vein"

"- One Hundred Existence of Isolation" - "Dexterous Draw"

- "Wicked: The Cosmos and Mature of the Repentant Witch of the West "