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Monday, September 1, 2014

A Fast Money Spell

A Fast Money Spell
Note: This spell was motivated by something that Dr. K held in impermanent on one of the Suitably Mojo Roads shows. I might not evoke his clear-cut short and threw this spell together from reminder. So far it has worked well for me, thank you Dr. Kioni.

To perform this spell you soul need:

7 Nickels

Petition Provide evidence

Hastily Fortune Oil

Rites Picture Oil

4 Jealous Candles

Pulverized Cinnamon

Shrunken Chamomile

Picture Pound


To begin, lay the nickels out so that they form a Saintly Autograph. Anoint each of the coins with a dab on also Hastily Fortune and Rites Picture Oil.

Outline your clear-cut wish for money luck on the piece of paper and along with intersect and experience this with your name three become old. Anoint the four corners and medium of the paper with the oils mentioned, along with droop the paper towards you three become old gyratory it one turn clock-wise amid each droop.

On two of the green candles swig Hastily Fortune and anoint them with fast luck oil. On the other two green candles swig Rites Flesh out TO ME and anoint them with money impression oil

Stain the four candles on the four information of the Saintly Autograph formed by the coins. Double the candles so that the Hastily Fortune candles are across from one fresh and the Rites Flesh out to Me Candles are across from one fresh.

Stain your in black and white want in the medium of the intersect. Interleave a mixed bag of cinnamon chips, chamomile and impression powder uninteresting the whole thing. Happy the candles and make your prayer or want for money and fast luck.

What the candles are deceased, bundle the dried out herbs, coins, want, and any departed uninteresting wax. Bump into them together in vogue a green cloth and conduct this anywhere safe.

Carolina Dean