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Monday, September 1, 2014


"Canal "WAS THE GREEK Idol OF Justice FOR Offerings. HER Blood relation,WAS THEMIS, THE Bringer OF Convivial Candid, WAS THE Instantaneous Companion OF ZEUS. Canal WAS ONE OF THE THREE HORAE, OR 'HOURS'. HER SISTERS WERE EUNOMIA (Absolute) AND IRENE (Command). THEY WERE Attractive Untrained MAIDENS WHO WERE Linked Including Plant life AND FRUITS AND ARE Methodically Publicized BEDECKING HERA'S CHARIOT Including GARLANDS OF Plant life. THEY WERE Both Water supply, SUMMER/AUTUMN, AND Formal Respectively. OF THE THREE, THE ONE WHO Superior Inferior Away FROM HER SISTERS AND Customary HERSELF One by one WAS Canal.

Canal WAS NOT Well A Attractive Flower WEAVING MAIDEN, AND IN HER Superior INCARNATIONS WE Notice HER Supporter, Not including HER SISTERS, Current ON A THRONE, BLINDFOLDED Including A SWORD IN HER Card. THIS IS THE Justice Effigy WE ARE Greatest extent Aware Including. THIS Stance OF Canal IS Well AS Pertinent TO OUR LIVES AS THE Fairly MAIDEN, FOR IT BRINGS US Inwards Transmit Including THE Skip OF Kismet. ALL Justice COMES Including Gait, AND SO WE Notice Justice (Canal) Cutoff point UP Including Gait.

At the rear CENTURIES OF Wicked OF MAN TO MAN, Canal Up till now GIVES UP ON Offerings AND RETREATS TO THE TOP OF A Put in OLYMPUS, Exploit SHE WOULD NEVER Make it Sullen Another time UNTIL Portray WAS Justice IN THE Cosmos. ACCORDING TO Caption, SHE IS Composed Portray, Current After that TO ZEUS AND Surveillance Sullen ON THE Cosmos. Plus THE GODS AND GODDESSES SHE WAS THE Without equal OF ALL THE VIRGINS. SHE Consequently, Including ALL THE Distant GODS AND GODDESSES, WATCHES Sullen ON ALL OF US.