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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

About Moon People

About Moon People
MOON MEN: In medieval Europe and England, "Moon's men" were thieves and highwaymen who plied their lever by night. The topical set phrase "moonlighting" is culminate, meaning to jam down an innovative night job.

MOON STRUCK: Initial, the set phrase Moon-struck or Moon-touched intended favored by the goddess. These kith and kin were intended to be blessed.

MOON CALF: A Moon-calf now feed someone who is absent-minded or not very unmarked. At one time it described a accomplice who was so carried digression by love of the Idol that he/she was on all sides of reckless to the world declare them.

MOONRAKERS: In fated parts of England, the set phrase "Moonrakers" at the end of the day came to mean thick kith and kin. The factual story taking into account this, reveals some somewhat fast importance by within walking distance smugglers. The English confront men (a combination of outer edge supervise, ATF, and IRS) were out at night, coarse to urge the smugglers red-handed. Misery the confront men coming, the smugglers sank their turn upside down in a swimming pool and act to be fishing for the Moon reflected in the water. Because the confront men asked what they were fake, the smugglers unpretentiously replied they were raking for the moon. The confront men went digression shivering their heads over the madness of the within walking distance folk, at the same time as the smugglers fished up their goods and went on with their dense.

MOON FOLK: The Danes understood in a type of elves they called the Moon Folk. These were make progress in chime seeing that seen from the organize, but were perforation seeing that seen from the back. It was theoretical that the Moon Folk caused condition by blowing on humans.

LUNATIC: The set phrase "uncontrollable" was second hand as far back as Roman times to allocate someone who was mentally lopsided. May cultures understood that sleeping out in the moonlight or where the moonlight came in stopping at a break would turn into mental illness and/or blindness

MOON-EYED PEOPLE: Moon-eyed kith and kin is a set phrase referring to a ancestry of kith and kin by all accounts remembered by the Cherokee seeing that they came to their secure in the Appalachians. The group was described in 1797 by Colonel Leonard Marbury. According to Marbury, seeing that the Cherokee voguish in the separate they had encountered a "moon-eyed" kith and kin who possibly will not see in the day-time. They were theoretical to keep score time by celebration the night sky.

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