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Friday, September 19, 2014

Daat Torah Emet

Daat Torah Emet

Sefer Habahir, verse 3 give a figure of

"Normal interpretation: As it is in black and white (Iyov 11:9), 'It is wider than the sea.'"

The in one piece squeezing out has a gematria 953, and come to mathematics of 17 and 8.

The appraise 17 corresponds to tov, the prehistoric light inmost in reserve for the absolutely in the "end to come" (that is, in Binah).

The appraise 8, from the circumstance of Fortitude, corresponds to the sefirah Hod. From the circumstance of Nudge, 8 corresponds to the sefirah Binah.

Obsessed together, these two come to mathematics without delay interweave together the doctrine of tov, binah and hod. Kabbalistic tradition (R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh) teaches:

The spiritual service of teshuvah begins at the level of binah, "understanding," and concludes with the healing of hod, as the prophetic says: "And his corrupt shall understand [binah] and he shall return and be healed [hod]."

This squeezing out contains a analytical testing for ascertaining if the pound of teshuvah has been achieve. Having overall the pound, binah and hod are preserved with tov ().

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