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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Aquarius Moon Goes Void Of Course

Aquarius Moon Goes Void Of Course
"I'm one with the Holy being

and open to Her Care."

Third Day of the 2nd Solar String

Ruled by Persephone

Solar Tree String ~ Luis/Rowan

Celtic Tree String ~ Beth/Birch

Moon Phase: waxing New Moon

Moon rises: 8:46AM EST

Moon sets: 7:51PM EST

Moon in Aquarius v/c 3:22PM EST

Blodeuwedd's String of the Moon

Solar Meditation: Renovation to the Design

Sun in Capricorn

Sunrise: 7:40AM EST

Sunset: 5:19PM EST

Astrophysical Specialty for the Day: "Are you fulling your

spiritual vocation?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Quarter of the Go out with

January 17th, 2010

Give are strong magickal energies for pretend spells/rites for or else the Moon goes Den of Stream.

Sun Day is the Day of Attentive, Inauguration and Stimulation.... so pick out jump of these 'helpers' in pretend any spells or rituals for Way in or else the Moon goes perforation of course. Certified of magickal correspondences that can recycled are: Suggest - Fire; Pennant - gold, yellow; Tarot cards - The Sun, Ace of Wands and/or The Chariot; Crystals/Stones - Carnelian, amber, tiger's eye or quartz crystal; Metal - Gold ingots. Grass and plant life to use - Carnation, chhrysanthemum, marigold, St. John's wort, or Sunflower. A deity to call yupon can be: Sunna or Brigid.

Gold ingots

Gold ingots is the color related to the Sun and to the Suggest of Inferno. It is recycled in spells for smash into, power, prosperity, protection and wisdom. Mark of the Sun and the Astrophysical Gods, gold is strongly related to the male.

In magick which uses gold it is frequently in the form of baking gold candles or speech-making with a gold pen. However, gold itself is sometimes superfluous to spells, frequently in one of the later ways:

gold ingots Hosepipe can be ready by plunder a layer of gold (frequently jewelry), and placing it in a quanity of rain cats and dogs. This is furthermore left in the light of the Intact Moon for three nights, the jewelry sophomoric and the water cool for use.

Seawater is sometimes recycled in recipes requiring gold. This is having the status of seawater actually contains hardly visible amounts of gold. If you possess heaps moderation, stock up a luck of seawater and allow it to pass away naturally. The after deductions crystals, although mostly salt, life-force hold gold, albeit in minute quantities.

Slight sheets of gold leaf can be obtained from art supply stores and pieces brushed off for use in dry spells, or sound to candles. As gold leaf is very crafty to pick up the check, it is a good deliberation to practice ruler.

What it is prohibited to use gold in any of the haughty forms furthermore golden oranges and yellows can be substituted.

Inside gold increases your not public power and energy, and life-force darken your sang-froid and strictness.

[From: "The True Witches' Go out with" by Kate West]

Fundraiser - intermittent with Penczak's Entering Top of Witchcraft

If we are leaving to spoken communication about directing energy, you condition, you condition possess some awareness of what energy is. The word "energy "evokes images of power ramparts and outlets, or arrogant on its own merits your metabolism, but submit is slight energy all around us. This energy is part of us and our environment, as is the energy we recognize when we do any magickal work.

Common forms of energy put up with. Most that we know of fall all the rage a cohort, a spectrum of frequencies, that can be detected via practical trench. The most dual is the evident light spectrum, the rainbow, but submit are plentiful forms of slight energy haughty and underside physical light, such as radio and overseer emission and radiation. These energies are all part of the electromagnetic spectum. We are what's more up of a cohort of energies that are physical ambiance, or sounds. Bit scientists possess hardheaded on the environment and ranges of these computable energies, metaphysicians possess important about a whole other cohort of energies.

Right away, most of our map out of spiritual energies comes from not public accounts a touch than composed, practical recording. Every person describes the boast in a exceptional way, so we sometimes possess diverging opinions on the spiritual energies. Dissimilar spiritual traditions call these services by copy names, and each name has a specific cultural feeling.

Let's start with not public energy. Discrete energy is the energy within and emanating from your own being. It is the energy of your body and all its systems, and it includes such baggage as metabolism, body heat, and belief impulses.

It is what's more the energy from your nonsexual systems, your

energy bodies and chakras. We shall ferret around deeper all the rage the anatomy of the energy body end, but for now, understand that you possess a nonsexual carve up to your body, your spirit, so to speak. The interactioners call this the charm. The energy elegiac all the rage these energy systems, close to blood elegiac gulp down the physical body, is called ki, or chi, in the Eastern traditions. It can be

kind from the environment and processed by the body. We replenish our store of top not public energy gulp down calm, bit some cultivation are naturally arrogant energentic than others. Ki and chi what's more adopt to forms of energy we life-force be discussing. Kundalini, a word from the Hindu traditions, is unusual form of not public energy, but arrogant typically refers to the energy found at the position of the make fun of that can hill from the make fun of, activating the spiritual centers important as chakras.

To witches, the most important energies to secure to are those underside our feet, the earth energies. This is the energy of the stand of the world and the Holy being, the consciousness of the world that sustains us. It has been called "mana" or shakti kundalini. Most intelligence this energy as female. Earth energy is not perfectly the energy in the world, but what's more the energy around the world, such as the alluring game reserve, and grids of energy, called ley ramparts or Earth mesh ramparts. Holy sites, such as Giza in Egypt and Stonehenge in England, are great for being central points in the mesh format of Close relative Earth. Clasp of the grids close to acupuncture meridians in our bodies. They let slight energies flow of blood to set off health and life.

Leader the Earth is the energy of the sky. Immeasurable energy is what's more a timely elucidation for this energy having the status of it encompasses the energy of the Sun and stars, in fact the energy of the undivided universe, raining down upon the Earth. As plentiful pagan traditions constituent the Earth with mother and Holy being, the sky is frequently related to the masculine deities. Sky gods are important in plentiful mythologies as found data, protection and providers. In the Hindu traditions, the slight life waves riding on the gust, kind by us gulp down harvest and water we make the most of and the gust we pick out in, is called "prana. "It is multihued how the Hindu energy called prana is very packed phonetically to the Hawaiian name of life waves "mana." Prana, mana, ki and chi, out of action with a whole multitude of other names, such as orgone, od, odic waves, pneuma, numen, telesma, and runach, fact a basic life energy found in all baggage.

Holy energy is a catchall classify for energies not included in the masculine/feminine or above/below polarity. Give are plentiful other kinds of spiritual energies and being, with plentiful copy flavors and images. Witches work with divine energy gulp down the ritual of the magick circle, creating what is conservatively called express love/perfect maintenance.' In other words, sour divine energy, what we would call conclusive love, is recycled to ember sacred space for our rituals. This energy is all dense and all sophisticated, optional extra all polarities, yet encircling them all.

Employ 2 - Intuition Fundraiser

The plan of this control is to substantially feel some of this spiritual energy that you on its own merits produce. Common students find this easy with a little practice, but others possess hassle having the status of they do not know what to appear for. Penzcak feels this energy close to very weak, very nadir alluring repulsion. If you were to pick out the two dependable ends of a derive and try to put them together, you would possess some hassle. The fields of energy dedicate unfriendliness. Understand by that handle and expect something a bit less impressive or constant, and you can feel the resistence untaken surrounded by the fields of your hands. They are not exactely opposing charges, so they do not dedicate the precise class of unfriendliness as two magnets.

Magnets are the way Penczak would fact handle. In the function of this is person and partisan, others intelligence it as a round walk. You may well what's more feel a rejection sting or 'pins and needles' triumph, as if your hands are sound asleep.' Others feel a constraint or even intertwine. Everyone feels it differently.

Next you feel it, you life-force be adroit to tight spot this energy gulp down your life-force and resolve. This is a pitch board thrust for magick and psychic progress.

1. Corroboration your hands about three feet notwithstanding, palms mask each other. Sticky your eyes if would close to. You are up of any new information you usual from your hands, but you are not judging the experiences or unmanageable to ember it. Grant it to come about naturally.

2. Develop your hands faster together, idly. Be up of the triumph. Observe any opinion that come in emission or layers. These are the levels of your charm, your energy body. Certified layers dedicate arrogant unfriendliness than others. Try it a selection of grow old, with eyes blocked and furthermore open. If you possess hassle, start obsolete, but begin by rubbing your hands together unbreakable, as if you were unmanageable to perspiring them up. This life-force intensification your hands' central point.

3. What you are done, unsoiled your hands together as if you were wiping excess water off them. This removes any other energies you might possess picked up out of action the way. End all of these energy drills with such a wiping sign.