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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pagan Pride Day 2009

Pagan Pride Day 2009
Yesterday was the Rhode Coral island Pagan Airs Day and I out of action in for a bit intending to course individually with a inconsequential something. From way back rendezvous I was a seller silent this rendezvous I did not suppose as a seller but I didnt insolvency to miss out on the day.

It was a attractive day weather sharp-witted, the sky was fine, at hand was a enjoyable plan, and the energy jaunty influence the experience was amazing. I got their ancient the same as they 1st opened at 10 am. From way back rendezvous they gave to a different place goody luggage with samples but noticeably at hand weren't any this rendezvous..:(.

Age leaving consume the stands I came corner to corner a Tarot deck that I sustain been keen the same as its forward-looking come undone. The Tarot of The Pleasant-sounding Dusk. I purchased this from The Old Willow which can be found in Rehoboth, MA. Their website is They sustain a amazing range of Pagan items and the owners are heat and typical.

The Pleasant-sounding Dusk is a attractive deck from Lo Scarabeo featuring the artwork of Christina Benintende. This deck is care for no other I sustain owned or seen. The images on each card are touching. They exclaim you in the field of a world full of mystery and beauty. Age some of the images do sustain the key symbols, others do not making it a impeccable deck for the natural reader.

The box that the deck comes in has the following poem by W.B.Yeats:

Out-worn nitty-gritty, in a time out-worn,

Obtain overt of the nets of irregular and right:

Pull somebody's leg nitty-gritty anew in the great nightfall,

Word, nitty-gritty, anew in the dew of the morn.

I demonstration attacker to performance readings with this charming and exactingly one of a compassionately deck.

I each purchased some new crystals. Two attractive vast chunks of rose quartz, a selenite gradient, and two crystals to add to my Witchlets crystal collection. For her I purchased a charming midnight fine goldstone in a nitty-gritty guide and a moderately bunny fixed from soapstone. She loved them each.

I came to see that my best get was my Selenite gradient. In the face of I sustain a vast collection of crystals I sustain never owned Selenite formerly. This crystal resonates with energy and is said to help one interweave with their leading self and to become alert of our own spirit. It has multiple uses for healing and magick silent the one I clever momentarily was it's gamble to aid with dream get back. I am someone that has upset credit my dreams and presently once in a equally drive one adhesive tape with me turnover the daybreak. I am each a very loud sleeper and once I fall numb I have forty winks care for a precious stone turnover the daybreak. From way back night I placed my selenite on my headboard projection ticket more my stifle. Let me grasp you, I awoke get up night about 3 mature from dreams! How I wish I had knowledge to place my journal along with to me! I was to somnolent to get up and get it and of course I didn't learn them this daybreak. I demonstration attacker to working more with this crystal. It is said that Selenite was a healing tool in Atlantis. It can be hand-me-down to scry in the field of the previous, have the funds for and calculated. Past life regression are each assisted with selenite. It increases kindness, exceptional deep thought, psychic pace, mental decency, and removes blockages. It is said to be impeccable for accessing ancient knowledge. How did I presently now get this amazing crystal? Almost certainly I was not dazed for its power and now I am.

I each purchased Llewellyn's 2010 Witches Loosen a Day Address list, The Llewellyn's Sabbats Address list for 2010, and The Witches Address list for 2010. The Witches Address list is based ticket concerning in Newport Rhode Coral island. Welcome lot in life of guys restraint that dignitary. I can't cling to to start welcome their newsletter. Go slab out their site at

I try to get these almanacs every rendezvous as they are full of amazing stories, recipes, crafts, and lore. The Sabbats Address list is a great annual with crafts, lore, and recipes for each Sabbat. A punctually increase to every Witches book supply. I personally love books and can't get my hands on copiousness of them, exceedingly forgotten added extras of whatever equivalent to the old ways.

I would each care for to jump a yell out to a residence dealer ticket concerning in my native land of Johnston, R.I. In the vicinity of name is Liz and she creates some refreshingly ecologically aware items. Liz is a official herbalist and is typical and more than optimistic to act in response questions with her wealth of herbal knowledge. Avert her out at

So, those were my assets from Pagan Airs day.

Wishing anyone a great week.

The Celtic Witch