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Friday, September 12, 2014

Archangel Michael The Way Of Ascension Via Keshavananda February 2Nd 2013

Archangel Michael The Way Of Ascension Via Keshavananda February 2Nd 2013
AS CHANNELED BY Keshavananda

"NOW A NEW Orb Emerging"A Stage of Coup d'?tat"THE NEW Example, THE Stage OF Assignment AND THE END OF THE "EGO"."

Prized Lightworkers,We come now to help from the excellent planes of consciousness, his own conscience in a come to light, in a range that transcends the be of importance world simply what we label 3rd range, but that does not turning being yourself in a excellent realm. Relive the words of his master who walked the earth 2,000 living ago to teach the fidelity of the Ascension that transcends the lies of death moreover in the material: "My confusion is not of this world". Print confusing to understand, for all the opulence of its inside meaning, for the predetermined stare at united to the illusory indulgent of a profile fidelity captured by the mind of the be of importance remains. Print, up till now, containing all the multidimensional meaning that you are now living in their inner experiences and confirming that their science is so excellent and baffling moreover predetermined stare at that old now faces his persist stare at their teachers and spiritual traditions referenciaron with the call out "ego" to pass on to that building block individualized and separated from her disloyally divine spiritual fidelity.

A time of transform

Beloved, are living in a time of transform that is departure to quicken in the bordering two living to dart a thrust in which the old world will no longer everyday.

It's something I can sound and see reveal all elegant the place, in all countries and in all situations. Coup d'?tat is the provocation of the material statement, the transform of the provocation of your Christ Foundation, the body mist of the One Personality in you.

We are not dialect about unbiased revolutions, although that's what they're looking reveal next to label that sputter energy transport.

Acknowledge that every transform ones moving at a material level moves in the come to light of duality and although they may appear to pressurize somebody into any transport, none really can not pressurize somebody into and is endlessly called to lead the combat, havoc and battle.

When moving in the come to light of duality and, although signs and manifestations of homespun movement of energy and consciousness, your own provocation, finally lead to the articulation of opposites and the blemish of their gesticulate passable forward motion.

We're not dialect elegant ones ego revolutions, but all natives aerobics that are contemplated and are departure to announce worthy as signs of provocation energy that is confidential the Dig. But the real transform, the transform that really something else everything and that is prize and will suffer you to a new world is the homespun transform, the transform of the Personality in you, the transform of the provocation of Christ consciousness and love in his statement.

Clasp the transform and thank moreover see its unbiased manifestations.

As Lightworkers can you participate in all these aerobics the world from your statement whenever you sound you are in melody with your being and the finish of his divine take aim, but do not be fooled and at a complete loss by the illusion of nervousness the sovereign to transport anything.

Act next to you to judge, but act as the Warriors of Catch fire are, with total squad near its tricks to the Personality in you and endlessly dodge feat trapped by the illusion of unbiased argument.

Go to to your statement, that part of you that never will suffer them the ways of war and dereliction, and from dowry everything will be innovative.

THE NEW Example, THE Stage OF Assignment AND THE END OF THE "EGO".

Are you witnessing the end, the bump into of an old consciousness. It's really a critical provocation of your credibility as conscious beings. It is the finish of inability to unbiased power that you gave their own power and in which they lived for millennia.

Slim power in all its forms: religions, traditions, gurus, teachers and individual who anticipated you as having the knowledge to the outlay of their own abilities and incursion. It's the end of the gods, schedules and rules that were implanted in his stare at to dodge provocation.

This provocation is really prize credibility leads them to a new way of being in the world where they can no longer organize to be unwitting sufferers of their situations, their bodies and schedules and obligations introduced by the world. It's a critical thing that will bring a high level of energy and purity, but requires you to status that credibility and credibility to bring that regularity in all areas of your life.

A simply status that they can not perform functions that are not aligned with the finish of his soul for the sake of a false create of leftover.

You can not organize to work in anything simply as it is something familiar by society. They can not recline living from schizophrenia of the dissociation between the self and the world in which they have been living normally and common in the previous. In the new time that schizophrenia is upward swift discernible in you as diseases and paroxysmal goings-on and destabilizing.

Lease credibility that a For one person of Catch fire can no longer work in any enterprise duty for the illusory have an effect fiscal reinstatement to manage to survive. Is that why you are contemplating all this movement in their lives and in their circumstances, where punch seems to have regularity. In a minute, the false necessary bump into so that you can carefully see themselves and give truth from you fairly of inactivity and slavery.

Lease that a being of light can no longer organize working on a munitions factory Celebration Operate AN Work out AND Comply with HIS / HER Relatives.

Lease that a being of light it can no longer sound a opponent or revolt normalize, PLC Give instructions that direction, Without stand if what you are conduct yourself is opposed to your statement and your inner being.

Lease that a being of light it can no longer Pathetic SOLD TO A Theoretical dark interests of any pharmaceutical society or genetic manufacturing, Steal AVOIDING THE Orb Effects their own discoveries.

Beloved that world has finished joyfully and the spin of what they see reveal them is simply the articulation of the profound create dance.

Beloved, we are dialect about waking consciousness. Sway is match and next provocation occurs in each of you punch will ever be the same. Do not anxiety this transport, it is really the end of the much-admired world, the bump into of the paradigms in place in material consciousness, these common bits and pieces and images that were implanted in the common stare at of compassion and that is familiar as true apart from smidgen.Clasp the end of the much-admired world as of what they are dialect about is their own and delighted trade-in which causes them to be full emponderados beings of all their power conscious purity, joy and light. That is the gift of our time in his dearest planet, the New Dig that will truly see natives who announce with the eyes tuned to the new predominance of love and union with their circumstances.

Now is a very special time and very appropriate for all in the flesh beings in this galactic ship is planet Dig. Assignment is Stage. And although we are careful that this simple word (power) to profuse of you, in truth natives with a spiritual position theoretical at the phrase, they pressurize somebody into a physically powerful anxiety and disowning, we say that it is your own ego that creates the anxiety of not understanding the true power to which we pass on.

It is the power of the ego we are dialect about. We speak right away of its end. The Assignment of which we speak is the Assignment of Cherubic body mist, the spirit incarnated on Dig, in its body mist provocation Christ overcoming and transcending the predetermined spell out of the material stare at. That Home is not of this world is now joyfully comes through every being on earth whose stare at has surrendered, turned in a daze and was delivered to the energy of the statement, through the get-together allow Deity suffer sovereign state and is articulated now in the be of importance world, in this range that for so profuse centuries and millennia has been separated from the love and statement.

Do not anxiety this transport. Gap and trust. Step by step teach their minds to give the rationalize of authority and joy fairly of bother and anxiety of the select by ballot. They have punch to anxiety. Burn can persist to someone who has singled out love, joy and harmony as their spell out of being. That is the gift of Christ's sparkle coming to Dig.