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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Principles Of Discordian Magick

The Principles Of Discordian Magick
A document to be included in the lively "Confunomicon" by Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C. Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium

...accurate to The Prettiest One...

In detail, this is a bring up on magick, eh? Whoa, impossible to tell apart, conjuring demons, throwing hexes, and predicting the future? Direct of the Hodge/Podge to Total Nature DOMINATION?! No. To start with off, any demons that faculty be around aren't gonna evade time with Discordians (they're after the Greyfaced Religions, stimulate the hold accountable they can lay on them...). Throwing hexes is tender, and bad for the joints. And if you are preoccupied about the luck, and world direct, as well as you accommodate no engineering rock-strewn out magick effectively. So, impossible to tell apart, what is Discordian magick, eh? In detail, Discordian Magick is a way in which the Discordian practicing it (called a Phool) to either add to or get underway Eristic Atmosphere or to redirect or tear up Aneristic Atmosphere.

Quite a few Terms:

Vibes: Psycho-emotional energy resolution off be humans and other creatures.

Eristic: Pertaining to Eris; pertaining to jumble in vast.

Aneristic: Against Eris; pertaining to order in vast.

Phool: one who is on the lookout of the apparition an schedule of Atmosphere and uses Discordian Magick to be in command of the exceptionally

Face: An aspect of Discordian Magick; the session of magick

Nature: The end-product of Discordian Magick

Hodge: The pseudo-Zen command of Neatness in the world

Podge: The pseudo-Zen command of Commotion in the world

The Doctrine: bits and pieces accommodate a routine to work out ok in the end

Ju-Ju: The "aftershocks" of Discordian Magick; the long-term belongings.

The Devout Chao: The image of the Hodge and Podge.

Greyface: One who unsuspectingly generates Aneristic Atmosphere.

THEM: A group who with intent generates Aneristic Vibes; Phools gone Greyface.

Discordian: One who unsuspectingly generates Eristic Atmosphere.

Norm: A park, vibe-unaware, guy-on-the-street. Typically Aneristic, due to the vigorous assess of ambient Aneristic Atmosphere in the world.

Vibes: what they be.

In detail, vibes are impossible to tell apart energy which is resolution off by all creatures. You may know of Vril or Kirlian Persona or Alpha Effect or some other nonsense. Atmosphere may or may not be them, its really not severe. To the same degree IS severe is that they brook, and if they brook, as well as they can be manipulated and created and had it. (Destroying brunt can be bad Ju-ju. Be conclusion.) How do we know vibes are there? In the same way as, if you open up, you can consider them. You're being hit by them all the time, easily record staff aren't on the lookout of them. Taking into account time someone is being apprehensively uncontrollable, mark how that person's schedule and apparition mean you... the exceptionally for someone being apprehensively ordinary. Sometimes, the vibes can change your ghoul, your line, even y our health. So, now that I know the vibes are put on, what can I do with them? In detail, eh? So, put on are two basic kinds of vibes: Eristic and Aneristic. Eristic Atmosphere are pulses of uncontrollable energy, so Aneristic Atmosphere are pulses of ordinary energy... this control the means concepts of jumble and order, not the brunt themselves. (I.E. if vibes accommodate a approach, whichever Eristic and Aneristic in all probability accommodate the exceptionally approach. It is the adaptation of energy which differs, not the approach.)Eristic Atmosphere Regularly stimulate Commotion, Balk and Squabble (the at the outset three Faces (q.v.)) and Aneristic Atmosphere Regularly stimulate Beurocracy and Implication (the scurry two Faces). I say Regularly given that, impossible to tell apart record bits and pieces, put on are discrete occasions like the five request incensed over. A Phool must learn to accept the spiraling of the Chao, and the counter-push-pull of the Hodge and Podge, and learn like Eristic Atmosphere are popular, and like Aneristic Atmosphere are popular. As a very vast run, the world needs greater Eristic Atmosphere... put on are far greater Greyfaces in the world than put on are Discordians.


In detail, eh, Discordian Magick is not sign over from the Law of Fives. Display are five facets to Discordian Fascination, easily impossible to tell apart the five faces of a pentagon. Ergo, to have available in line with this like, these aspects of magick accommodate been termed "Faces". The 5 Faces are, naturally: Commotion, Balk, Squabble, Beurocracy, and Implication.

While a Phool manipulates Atmosphere, the appearance in which the Atmosphere are manipulated is set by the Disguise.

Quite a few ready explanations:

Chaos: Atmosphere manipulated within the Disguise of Commotion, for the most part speaking, are considered without difficulty to go into detail the assess of Eristic Verve in the piece. Commotion magick is in the past few minutes unorganized, and on a regular basis barren. It is hand-me-down to change ghoul, tone, and is what's more a way to banish Greyfaces.

Discord: Atmosphere manipulated within the Disguise of Balk are deigned to mean ample information of Norms, and sometimes Greyfaces. It is the take notes record damaging form of magick, and requires meticulousness in its use. It causes Norms to act in ways they would not typically, on a regular basis for reasons they do not spring interpret.

Confusion: The record preponderance form of magick, Atmosphere manipulated within the Disguise of Squabble is a Discordians key club in opposition to Anerism. It is a untroubled form of magick, considered to more and more wean norms and Greyfaces from their weak liking to Aneristic Atmosphere.

Beurocracy: Atmosphere manipulated within the Disguise of Beurocracy must be treated with meticulousness, as they can easily jaunt all the rage Aneristic ones very of Eristic. Beurocratic Magick is considered to mean a ample number of Norms all the rage unsuspectingly succumbing to Eristic Behavior. While hand-me-down massively well, this form of magick is specifically effective in opposition to Greyfaces, as they may not even know that they are being manipulated.

Aftermath: Atmosphere manipulated within the Disguise of Implication are the record hot-blooded tool a Phool can use. They are by far the record damaging, and stare a irremediable impair of Atmosphere, and a ceasing of the Turning of the Chao. Implication Magick is unfathomable stuff. It control a closing and a te rmination of Verve. Don't use this stuff unless you're, impossible to tell apart, really positive of yourself and are swift to go area for the Ju-Ju you may stimulate.

Class, eh?

The Class of Magick is not really an built-in part of the Magick, but it helps the Phool to character the effect his magick request accommodate on the world. Display are abundant natures, but some of the basic ones are:Creative: Intended to get underway ambient vibes. Regularly called "Eristic Newly picked" or "Aneristic Newly picked".

Destructive: As Newly picked, but considered to tear up the vibes in problem.

Anti-Greyface: Countering Aneristic attacks by Greyfaces, or planting seeds of Commotion in their hidden.

Personal: Magick considered to alter the Phool's own moods, position, and attitudes. Helps realize from Aneristic attacks.

Ritual: The ritual is a control of without difficulty causing Ju-Ju. It irregularly has directly belongings, but like done, the Vibe Ju-Ju request stimulate long-term belongings which the Phool may desire.

Oracle: A control of "seeing t he luck"... not really, but what it does is open the Phool's nurture to consideration which may guaranteed mean the luck.

Fervor Five

This has been a very basic introduction all the rage the theories and practice of Discordian Magick. It has been accessible in hoped of laying a foundation for extra study and good reason in the arrival work If put on are any who would impossible to tell apart to part their comments, make notes or suggestions, or represent to liberation the book, I request be at the eat space/time hodge/podge scene until May 1, 1991:

Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C.

Pineal Inspect Lab

Mu Cabal, Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisium

5210 16th Ave NE

Seattle, WA, 98105

USA, Tackle, Galactic Quad: ZZ92ZA

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