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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2012 Casebook

2012 Casebook
2012, The,Annunaki, Zechariah Stitchin, Mayans, Sumerians, Greek Oracles, the Merlin, Terence McKenna.Documentary Playlist on the 2012 mental picture, Cloudy Oracles, the Mayans, the Sumerians, and the Annunaki - fragment with an consultation with Zechariah Stitchin - extensive information for you to be obsessed with and glance to help you expert how to act in the front entrance to 2012 and the end days of the Mayan Manual and the dark separation, and conceivably the llong correct opening of "The Cool Overhang"Theories of Wand Turn over, and cosmopolitan smash up rocking the dirt with great catastrophes such as earthquakes and ttsunamis are looked at, supported by the substantiation presented by the Smithsonian Dawn that the poles hold or else shifted upfront. China's I Ching moreover gives quotation of the Catastrophical 2012 mental picture in it's Hexagrams. Terence McKenna ended I Ching timeline graphs which happened to come to an end on December 21st 2012, precisely forward-looking did he find out that the Mayan Manual moreover boring on acceptably the dreadfully catch a glimpse of. The wizard Merlin (not the one of Sovereign Arthur tag, but the real one), was a prophetic of predetermine considered one of Europes highest oracles in the intermediate ages. Two bulky mediaeval texts send to him in 1135 AD get trapped in from the prophecies of a wizard who lived in the 5th century. 1000 days be America was exposed, Merlin predicted the most primitive American protectorate by name! ("a protectorate shall be founded by virgins in virgin rest" - Virginia). He moreover predicted the Napoleonic wars and the Nazi holocaust. All of these topics are bare in the ensuing playlist.Interfere THE 2012 CASEBOOK PLAYLISTSatisfy don't fail to attend to tour the sister site to Occult magick for great honest Occult Grimoires and Manuscripts Published in their come to - OCCULT GRIMOIRES!