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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Kiss Of Death

The Kiss Of Death
Within these walls of blood and bone

the core of me is lifeless stone

forgetting faith, forever weak

never trust, never speak

under my mask, horror abides

once revealed, it will not hide

my true being, deranged and sick

which side of me would you pick?

my shell is breath taking, not a single flaw

my voice is enchanting, my beckoning call

my body is tight, your perfect dream

but who i truly am, would make you scream

beneath this layer of simple skin

lies a demon bedded within

cold and dark, it never sleeps

evil, mad, meager, weak

I came into this country without getting caught, and now everyday i am hunted and sought.

Whole nations have gathered to plan my destruction..they call me a breeder of crime and corruption.

I am more deadly then whiskey, more deadly then wine..hence i am known as the scourge of mankind.

I come in a powder thats nothing but waste, i look soft and fluffy, but im bitter to the taste.

I am brown, I am white..but deadly to use..but once your addicted i really abuse

From heads of state to the lowest of scum..i give you my word they'll be under my thumb.

I will take a richman and make him poor..i'll take a virgin and make her a whore.

I will make you lie,steal,borrow,and beg.

You will search for a vein in your arm or leg.

I will make you selfish and fill you with greed..regaurdless of color,religon, or creed.

My gift is an illusion, my blessing is fake, death and destruction follow my wake.

I am the kiss of death to all i touch..i start as a gift and end as a crutch.