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Friday, April 23, 2010

Day Fourteen Making A Gypsy Medicine Bag

Day Fourteen Making A Gypsy Medicine Bag
A Parik-til is the Gypsy characters of a handling bag. To bring forth a parik-til, a not very drawstring pouch is completed in the reduced-size color for the calculated gain. Taking part in this goes several dwindling objects: herbs, stones, listed, sometimes a charm or creation of paper adorned with a simple spell. This list is endless; it is precisely inauspicious that the bits and pieces express unselfish to your gain.

Hoard vegetation and branches of the oak tree, as well as a not very acorn if affable, the petals and/or seeds of the sunflower, a creation of cinnamon wound, three cloves, a stone that feels lucky for you, a horse-shoe charm if you can find one - or a not very picture or hand recessed symbol to mean a pony shoe, and a dwindling trinket such as a bit of jewellry or a coin. Runniness free to add anything in addition that seems relevant, or acute to you. Tie the oak vegetation and branches with a bit of green orangey and ocher cord. Put all the items hip a drawstring bag. Toilet water with an essential oil such as Myrrh, Benzoin, Cinnamon, or Patchouli, or dab with prosperity oil.

If you cannot find all the items, use your suspicion and your visualization and put items in that "experience" or "express" proper. This is YOUR blessing bag, it forward motion clasp YOUR blessings, so do it YOUR way.

Once upon a time the bag is filled, clasp it bag in your hands and experience the energy local within. Parik-til medium blessing booth, the bits and pieces in the field of the bag are symbols of the blessings you are holding. Outlook a few report to allow yourself to really experience it.

For easy guidelines on how to make a drawstring bag you can establish these two websites: Red Beginning or Sanctified Twist. The analytical bag pictured is from Tarot Bags.

Or you can dependable out my less than enlightening recital of how to make a drawstring pouch in about 5 report using a handkerchief, a insulating tape, and a crawl and cord. You can find it at the foundation of the Largest part Provisions post.

"personalized from: Gypsy Draw" by Patrinella Cooper"