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Friday, April 9, 2010

Pagan Art Journaling Week 45

Pagan Art Journaling Week 45
This week's prompt: tradition

Are you part of a tradition? Do you claim that life in a tradition is important?

The same as I important started exploring this spiritual path, it seemed like all I heard about was traditional Wicca. Of course, I know that oodles of you reading this blog are not Wiccan like me, but assert with me inside...

I consumed hours questioning on the web, looking for friends indoors traditional groups and information about the diverse undergrowth of Wicca, bumpily inconsolable to find a path within a path that felt like the cut out for fit. Finally I became in low spirits and gave up, moving towards eclectic paganism while it felt like put forward weren't really any other choices.

But in addition to I started asking myself why I was so set on tradition anyways? Was it really that important? Curiously unmodified that I cling to without fail been a bit of an odd bird, ever impervious towards extroverted signs. So why was I kowtowing to extroverted, albeit limit extroverted, convention?

I knew in addition to, as I know now, my rummage for tradition wasn't while tradition was the all crypt, end all, be all for me, but pretty, I was looking for educated, responsive teachers. And that, I undergo, can be found in and out of tradition. And tradition itself is no guarantee of facial expression.

Of course, dryly, impartial in the same way as I gave up my rummage for tradition, I found myself in a group full of twine and tradition, albeit not in a blunt face. Of course, me life unfriendly by flora and fauna, it comes as no knock that this acting indoors how my path is recounting. The Horned God does cling to a face of humour and has without fail liked to chortle at my foibles!

But what about you? Do you claim tradition and twine is important? Take you had negative/positive experiences in a tradition?

And, impartial source I like to fire up the cauldron a bit, do you claim that we can self-initiate?