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Monday, April 5, 2010

5Th Annual Atlanta Pagan Marketplace Of Ideas

5Th Annual Atlanta Pagan Marketplace Of Ideas
Rain OR SHINE! THE PAGAN Market OF Inspiration Will GO ON!

"Celebrate THE Excellent, Construct, AND Friendliness OF THE PAGAN Community OF ATLANTA!"

"ONE Planet Holy Norm"


Marietta, GA 30062

April 5, 2014 11:00 am-6:00 pm

Use out for a day of fun, giving out, and glee with practicing Pagans in the Atlanta metro situate. Customarily longed-for to sum in a Druid ritual, but don't know any Druids? Or perhaps you requisite to an chance to fund a class and enmesh with other society of a fuse optimism. Or doubtless you would mean to know top-quality about fatherland circles, covens, or groups that are open to new members.

The Pagan Market of Inspiration offers the chance for society to "shop" the Atlanta Pagan community. Explore the elegance of devotion, magick, knowledge, and fun in the Pagan community of Atlanta !

The Pagan Market of Inspiration is a place everyplace you can:

* Witness and speak with members of fatherland situate circles, covens, and groups. Perhaps you impulsion find the spiritual home you've been looking for!
* Work a ritual or two -- or three. Rituals hosted by unexpected groups impulsion be free round the day.
* Lessons something new about your spirituality in a class or workshop.
* Perceive out what is improvement in the subjugated summer of 2014 - what festivals are on have enough money, what endeavors are coming up.
* Department store fatherland Pagan merchants and vendors. Direct the item that makes your spirit sing.

If you wish to sum within the Market itself as a intermediary of a group, team, or field or teach a class, assure air strike online for the 5th Annual Atlanta Pagan Market of Ideas! If you claim any questions or would mean to tender to help with the field, assure get through to Robin and Jonathon at