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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Comments Are Now Working

Comments Are Now Working
I'm very spirited. I shortened and shortened the CSS, and it turns out I wholly had to play down a training the easy way. *eyeroll* Isn't that the way it always is? LOL!

Fighting fit, I'm really enjoying how my blog looks, and energy be bowdlerization my Hallowe'en blog to a devoted location (straightforwardly with skulls and the worship).

I don't yield further to add today. I'm leave-taking out with The Man and His Cousin to see "The Inglorious Bastards" tonight (disappearance in about an hour). I bought myself some charming shoes for fall at Wally Conception (5!), and got a dash of Repo: The Heritable Opera in attendance for 7.50. Not bad, later than all I pleasing to do was pay for my adjacent course (which I did--Makeup III, and it starts on September 21st).

In the Witchy Conception, I would like to impart our herb cubbyhole, and buy some senior jars for fancy jars. The Man and I are leave-taking antiquing tomorrow, so we'll see what I can find where we're put-on that. :) I love wisdom witchy trappings at early sitting room. Doubtless we'll go to St. Jacob's....that place is GREAT!

Tomorrow I'll continue a photo of my new cast flatten dutch oven (aka cauldron in need legs). Now I can use that for cooking/baking, and the three legged one for ritual fires and ardent trappings.

The dutch oven was innate from Grant's Grandma, who voted for very entirely (her entombment was on Monday). The cord is in the main leave-taking to be concentrated effort out her enclosure and having a place sale, so The Man's parents (whom I go for) told me to continue what I seek from the kitchen. I swiftly grabbed the dutch oven...and it was also apparently HER mother's, so that's really pungent. We also yield her corning ware and various other items that yield been well recycled and well beloved. I go for my kitchen items to be that way--especially from cord.

So I'll continue a pic of Mrs. Smith's kitchen items that I innate (some crock pots and a small toss mainframe, too!), and split them with you, as I'm clear I'll be using them in magical burning.