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Thursday, April 29, 2010

At Last Yesod

At Last Yesod
For all of you long for time dense readers, you know I clasp been stressed with Yesod. I clasp not been satisfactory to find something in my life to relate it to, technically, draw near to, or religiously.

On the Tree of Making, the key word for the sephira is "column", which had me stressed even add-on. Informant for what? Clearly, something pinnacle. In my Tarot studies, I scholarly it the topic for "line or rush" or ancient instincts or sexual forces. It is the topic that connects the rest of the sephiroth with earth. Frater Robert calls it the "Take action something, harmonize to get laid".

There's no coincidence that the ball is planted ahead in the groin district

The key for me understanding Yesod was in looking at the relating sephiroth. I had to announce at Netzach and Hod to get to my understanding. I already commented on Netzach and Hod in a total post. Put on are 3 phrases from that post that clasp lead to my understanding of Yesod:

* CH4 + 2O2 --> CO2 + 2H2O, stoichiometric equation for the vigor of methane (not good enough make off with subscripts)

* A spree of a thousand miles begins with a detach advance. -Lao Tzu

* Hod and Netzach are the analogy of our legs, which work together on our 1,000 mile spree.

While I have an idea that from these 3 real thing statements is that portray exists an apparatus, that utilizes the whiff which drives a sedan, the sedan of our spirit.


Yesod is the column of Making. The sephira is the realm but the cohabitation of opposites exists. This is the topic which exhibits whichever crack and wave posture. This is the place that is whichever the finite/infinite, stationary/mobile, and repelling/attracting. Now I understand why they unfriendly using the symbol of the electromagnetic area office and the EMF is a intact symbol the same as the phenomena is one of the fastener forces of nature!

The exorbitant primary for Yesod is the moon. It contains the anticipate for our better-quality aspirations what, in the function of the moon, the other exorbitant ponder their light upon the moon. Luna is our outline. She acts as an fair yet she is subject upon the earth and is modestly a slighter part of the greater liberty. This is the topic, though, as a magician I pronounce whether I appeal to controversy blunt the rest of the tree. Yesod is the part but I must make a assiduous and fair arrangement to change my patterns and let go of my gone to Evolve to become one with the liberty. This is the part since I actually learn to Keep going.

While next? The concluding spheres within the interior pillar: malkuth, tiphareth and the concealed daat. The subsequent is something I probably will not be language about for living.