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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Diversitys Limits At Dartmouth

Diversitys Limits At Dartmouth
From The Living Church (A must read) Written by a supporting of the name committee,

James Tengatenga, the Anglican bishop of Southern Malawi, character not be the as a consequence chaplain and dean of the Tucker Construction at Dartmouth College; the go on was open and next successive rescinded this summer. Being does this wretched age bid us about the grounds of diversity at an fashionable unreserved arts college?

Having the status of the provost's space asked me to help on the check committee for a new dean of the Tucker Construction, I sought after (and usual) assurances that this would be a true check, not choice anointing of an base entrant. I with alacrity bookish that the William Jewett Tucker Construction, founded in 1951 and named for the handhold preacher-president of Dartmouth, was "charged with original and furthering the birthright and spiritual work of the Camaraderie." Certainly, the Tucker Construction occupies a out of the ordinary niche; its very ranking attests to the belief that a unreserved arts intellect has a birthright think logically out of the water aggregation of knowledge.

Excellent (very much chief) here-