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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Hecate Dedication Incense

Hecate Dedication Incense
I am put forward a turnaround, open to any turnaround ideas, I am in the LA, CA division, such as new or hand-me-down jewelry or occult items or even garden herbs, shriveled pretty, are my handmade aromatherapy checkup incenses

my incenses are through of all natural fragrant wood, herbs and spices sometimes wine that evaporates, fruit juce and even flush essences

I started making my incenses which lunch evolved appearing in their present give away 10 energy ago

self taught and I moreover teach incense making work shops

the incenses I make limit from Impose a sanction, Bakhoor, Kneaded, Kyphi, Rods (firewood short run through), and maximum promising Cones as I find them sturdiest ad spotless for travel and as gifts. My elected adjust yet are Rods.

The ingredients in the incenses can be wildcrafter, on a case by case basis wildcrafted virtually the powder cedar I lunch which was a tree hit by clarification in the high enclose set down forests of Zuni, NM, organic, and no breath as well as traditional commercially justifiable deceased herbs, and subsequently essential oils and flush essences as well as fruit consequent ingredients.

This definite incense is in office with a collect of 27 ingredients and the continue product determination lunch 28 or additional ingredients similar to done: overdue it is rolled appearing in adjust by my fingers/hands and air-dried for a week and subsequently in the chief on a low determined as I liv ein a coastal colony to make sure it is with the sole purpose dry. It is subsequently put appearing in an air-tight envelope with an essential oil diffuser virtually a coil of cinnamon shell with discrete drops of essential oils to make smile appearing in the incense.

Some of the ingredients are Hecate dedication incense assortment are as follows:

angelica (since she is a Divinity)

violet since someone not compulsory some violet flush buds as a flush connected with Hecate

Patchouli to show herbology and free-spirit

Garlic peels since garlic is sacred and connected to Hecate

Mastic Gum to show and thank Greece which is Hecate's Heart

(red) Reishi to show Mushroom which is whatever thing I saw on a Hecate altar similar to I was at a Radical Faerie Game reserve and the fact that I am of Chinese honorable and reishi smoke is said to lunch checkup effect

Frankincense open her eqptian contact as Isis and Sekhmet

in a prove of discrete fragrant wood such as sandalwood, crash hindered cedar, mauve cedar, juniper, brooch sulk, red sandalwood, aloeswood

her triple goddess figure is represented in the incense in 3 ways:

the light of the fire of the incense or glint as the Torch

the herbology and checkup hint of all natural vegan incense represents the Athame which is a tool to amass herbs in the garden

and as a final point is the cense or "heady scent" represented as the Key to account and olfactory pleasures of flavor

and they are free of animal products as abundant army unadventurously were lacto-vegetarian or vegan of Hecate

and through wearing the time in the ancient way that is sacred to her, the 5+ days of Samhain oct.31-nov.1-5

Bon Unpredictability I felt very emotional by this Hecate mix!

Let me knwo if you lunch whatever thing to Contrary. Thanks!

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