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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Re Shiastrength Re Shias Today

Re Shiastrength Re Shias Today
Walekum salam, The nub campaign of this justification is the remoteness talented of the syeds. The syeds reckon that they are overseer to other shias perfectly for instance they are from the species of the Psychic SAW. This is a injury plan. Later a creature says Kalema Shahadataien (LA ILAHA ILLALAH, MUHAMADUR RASOOLULLAH) then he becomes equal height to all other Muslims.There is no remoteness of one Muslim elegant unorthodox on the basic of border, colour, vernacular or nationality. There is no place in Islam for casteism or khandanparasti. ws
FROM: masoom110 TO: shia strength@yahoogroups.comSENT: Thu, May 27, 2010 8:05:49 PMSUBJECT: [shia strength] Re: shias todaySalamunalikum,Trust br for raising good justification "issues amongst Khoja Jamat and NonKhoja Jammat"In my eyes issues amongst any two organisation is very comman and itwant be place. But record justification is difference amongst Khoja and Nonkhoja.1. Why yet khoja shia ishnashree petition seperate qabristan and theydo not grant to use the actual to non khoja?Earth the explanation and you force moreover get its significant. In fact significantis in hand of Khoja Leaders and illuminating muslims. Doesn't matter what our ulema cando in this issue?ws
In shia, sadiq thaver wrote:>> i deposit in today's world to a certain extent of with reference to what others are play a partwe urge to set sights on on what is the state of our community.>> How can we relieve our condition?> In India present-day are issues amongst Khoja Jamat and Non Khoja Jammat> How do we means this out?> Islam says that each one shall see whatevr he/she has done good or badbe it Khoja or non khoja. Our Imam(A.S) never elevated amongst thetwo, then why do we? Are we overseer to our Imam(A.S) NO.>> Perchance ourlocal Maulanas can help us in this part and handle this inmajalises ro spiritual classes.> ^A> Decent Regards Endlessly,> Sadiq Thaver.> The service of every good thing is realised perfectly in the manner of its occupied prohibited !>>>>> "> From: masoom110 masoom110@...> To: shia> Sent: Wed, 26 May, 2010 7:14:14 AM> Subject: [shia strength] Re: shias today>> ^A> Trust abid for presenting According to Obese Philosper of thisCentury(Shaheed Ayatullah Mutahree's words.> ws>>
In shia, Abid Bangash abid.bangash@wrote:> >> > Asallamo Alaikum,> >> > ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A Shia At the present time> >> > First of all i force discern the hand out which one of our sistershiglighted.> > Yes this is decent true that we require make our own life as weare in Karbala.Our Karbala is this world,our karbala is ouroffices,shops,courts,schools,universites,homes etc.Karbalaye HAZARTBIBI(UMMUL MASAYEB) is a blithe brand for us.Karbala teah us how toperform your friends,how to come to grips with vs. Batil,how to be obedient etc.> > We require imprints our spiritual phisophers(the utmost briallan andeffective).> > According to Obese Philosper of this Century(Shaheed AyatullahMutahree),Islam is dear your chest.Put on perfectly your delve force arise upand the rest component of your chest force hold your horses actual.Plus your chest force bevery unattractive and mismatching.Islam is moreover dear this.If we pray perfectly and weforce never presume suppost zakat,Jihad etc then our Islamic structur forcemoreover be wanting.In the role of islam is the close by name of all youraspects of life.Your behavour in your homes etc.> >> > Yes,how is it possible to improve?By giving help.Perpetualpractice of good notes.Never concentration if we force start from today.Infactits very loud to stick with but with the pathway of time it forcewillful as a part of our life.> >> > TALEBE DUA> > ABID> >> > ~A'^A> >> >> >> > "> > From: masoom110 masoom110@> > To: shia> > Sent: Tue, May 25, 2010 12:19:44 PM> > Subject: [shia strength] shias today> >> > ~A'^A> > shias today> > Someone of us is solidify that shias today are not such as theyrequire be. The in the manner of carry some weight is what we are to do now. what are ourresponsibilities?> > 1.First of all, we are to style karbala in our hearts, in ourminds and in our souls. so that, we may beneficial to reject every provokeby recalling the holy give the name of IMAM-E-MAZLOOM (a.s)> > "Is present-day being to help me?"> > Earlier, due expression of grief in sufferings of IMAM HUSSAIN(a.s), not good enoughmeekness of his holy orders, is not lots. If due expression of grief on IMAM(a.s) had been proper to be a shia, umar bin-sad (l.a) would havebeen together with his (a.s) excessive shias. In the role of in the manner of SYEDA ZAINAB(s.a)naked the sufferings of Ahl-e-bait(a. s) and martyrdom of IMAM (a.s),even the murderer of the holy extraction umar-bin-sad (may he be cursedirreversibly) wept bitterly. so never leave out the saying of IMAM ALI(a.s),> > "Relationship with us depends on the fulfillment of our aims."> > 2.we are to watch recline vs. shiaism. we are to allotlog of KARBALA in the world. we are to straight the world, how burly ourleaders are. we are to allot tradition of 14 masumeen (a.s). It appears that,we cannot do this, untill we ourselves are insightful of tradition of PastoralQuran, Sunnah of Psychic(s.a. w) and his holy Frogspawn. so never leave outthe saying of Psychic(s.a. w),> > "test knowledge and hold it to others."> > 3. Innovative task imposed on us is to style unitytogether with us. This is the age in the manner of shias are cosidered to be infidiles.They are called polytheists. If we may possibly not accommodate ourselves,there~A'^A could be a reliable hazard to our, never leave outthe saying of IMAM(a.s),> > "Keep under control your family."> > ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A ~A'^A~A'^A ~A'^A All members are requested to collection their dietsuggestions on the hand out under-cosideration.> > Wassalam> > Syeda Quratulain Bokhari> > (Some DAY IS ASHURA height: 0;">" , ."Impart to correspondent Impart to group Impart via web post Commence a New Tackle Messages in this hand out (7) Up to date Activity: * New Members 4 Get the drift Your Last word Bothersome To Add up to Gang based on Command and Morality The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) want be conventional to attempt and labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) I celebrate the words of Imam (a.s), that we are blameworthy for the tax, and not for the verdict. A juicy beam washes prohibited the concern of offend, as I thank Allah for the apparition of my friend, whom Allah may protect, and guide IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Purify you And All Your Family intimates help others and learn islam. Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Advertise Rest on top of your group post not good enough fleeting the page you're on - Get the Yahoo! Toolbar now.
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