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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Religion Aetherius Society Is An Organization

Religion Aetherius Society Is An Organization Image
Aetherius Society is an organization that is assigned to the New Religious Movements and the Ufoglauben. It was founded in 1955 and is one of the earliest religious groups who had taken in the contact with extraterrestrials in their teaching. The number of members of the Aetherius Society goes according to information "in the thousands, but not in the tens of thousands." Spread the company is mainly in their country of origin, the United Kingdom and the United States, Ghana and Nigeria.The influence of theosophists will attend the Aetherius Society in the acquisition of Asian concepts of karma and rebirth. Each person can define it by its own actions in the next life to a higher level rise. Who on earth rises high enough, begins at the previous cycle Following up on another planet in our solar system all over again, until finally he is a master. Among the cosmic masters are people like Jesus and Buddha, coming from Venus or Krishna, who comes from Saturn, and other religious teachers who are members of the Great White Brotherhood are. In theosophical context the term is translated in German as the Great White Lodge.The Aetherius Society's mission is to support the cosmic champion in their fight against the evil forces to protect the Earth as a living, breathing entity and its inhabitants. One of the practices that have been used, it provides that is hurled through prayer and meditation, the spiritual energy called prana from an orbiting spacecraft around the Earth to earth. The spiritual energy of prayers and chanting could be conducted in batteries, where they could be released again in times of crisis, to help victims of wars and disasters by specially trained persons.lunar truth moon landing

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