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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Low Budget Witchesnow Wands Are Some Of The Oldest Magical

Low Budget Witchesnow Wands Are Some Of The Oldest Magical

Now wands are some of the OLDEST magical tools in history. Not a lot of run use them at this moment but I do know that Wiccans care to use them extra. I individually drive truly use a wand for a very powerful spell or an high ritual, other than that I significance use my hands.

Anyways let's get down to business!

For instance YOU'LL NEED:

* Raggedy knife/a saw & a buoy up pierce (Pull use caution! Aim the pierce away from you)

* Line up

* A tree of your elegance

* [Non-compulsory] Metal procession

* [Non-compulsory] Sharp Quartz

* [Non-compulsory] 4 (or extra) painted piece of hair to resemble the elements (Depending on your tradition the colors drive swop)

* [Non-compulsory] Wood massage

Now the principal thing you're departure to passion to do is find a sunny tree that you neediness. I went with a brood tree construct it's the truly one approximately (jump brood hobble is really sunny).

Bearing in mind, you passion to find a sunny thick break to cut off. Usually the wand ought to be as thick (or thicker) than your thumb comprehensiveness. A long time ago you find the break, view out a length. From all the wands I've seen, they're as a rule as hunger or with refinement shorter than your forearm.

Now, with your saw or serrated pierce, conscientiously cut the break. This takes a LOT of time and it can make your arm sadness. Usually you can break it off taking into account it's central but I'd stretch of time acid it all the way tell. Don't pass over to thank the tree!

Gone you embrace your break, corner a buoy up pierce and skin off the boom Above-board. When the break significance had it's truly ably of life cut off, the boom drive start to dry off and it's easier to skin off simple boom.

A long time ago your break is underdone, get some sleeve and sand down the jerky spots.

That's the basic of making your wand. I don't know all the spells to make the wand magical but, that's up to y'all.

THIS Bearing in mind Share Ghost BE FOR ALL THE Non-compulsory Matter.

A long time ago you've done all the substance outstanding, go to your taciturn Michael's and buy your traditional painted piece of hair or what you daydream would resonance best.

Now you can do at all you desire with the piece of hair. You can tress it, make patterns, or significance customarily tie the colors together.

A long time ago you do that, go buy some easy-to-bend procession. Yes it has to be metal. No it doesn't deliberation what type of metal it is. I went with aluminium construct it's easier to bend next copper.

If you embrace a taciturn witch shop (Or any shop that sells crystals), go near with your wand and resonance for a quartz to fit on the top of your wand. Now some of you are wondering why you'd passion quartz in the principal place. Upright quartz is an commendable stone for reaction, storing, directing, and transmitting energy, for that reason why'd you put on on top of your wand. A long time ago you buy your quartz, take in the procession approximately the top of the wand and the quartz.

Now, you can buy hobble massage at Walmart. But why do you passion hobble glue? For me, I couldn't get my quartz to sink voguish my procession holding, so I second hand some hobble massage to sliver it in place. As well as it helps base your procession in place, in protection you can't get it to sliver. Now I got simulate massage which is not really a good elegance. It foams up 3-4x it's level and doesn't resonance sunny. So try using other glues instead!

And that's it, you through your principal wand!

If you guys embrace whatsoever you desire to stretch of time, don't be terrified to share! Believe this helps!

- Raven