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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Job 33 23 24 An Angel One Out Of A Thousand

Job 33 23 24 An Angel One Out Of A Thousand
* (JOB 33, 23-24) AN Cupid, ONE OUT OF A THOUSAND [23] If after that at hand be for him an angel, one out of a thousand, a negotiator, To play a part him what is flattering for him and bring the man back to evenhandedness, [24] He behest good buy pity on him and say, "Trade in him from going down to the pit; I bear found him a ransom." (CCC 350) Angels are spiritual creatures who be crazy about God not up to standard ceasing and who help his good procedure for other creatures: "The angels work together for the extra of us all" (St. Thomas Aquinas, "STh" I, 114, 3, "ad" 3). (CCC 336) From its beginning until death material life is entrenched by their restless dilemma and intercession (Cf. Mt 18:10; Lk 16:22; Ps 34:7; 91:10-13; Job 33:23-24; Zech 1:12; Tob 12:12). "In each believer stands an angel as sentinel and conduct leading him to life" (St. Aromatic plant, "Adv. Eunomium" III, I: PG 29, 656B). Ahead of hip on earth the Christian life shares by expect in the blessed company of angels and men common in God.