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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kww Kitchen Blessing

Kww Kitchen Blessing
Hold close to Question One for Kitchen Witch Wednesday!I am looking upfront to surfing around to see other Kitchen Witch Entries.The whole so normally, it is deep to bless your kitchen. This forward motion remove all resignation from the room as well as encourage a musical space to encourage meals and shake off time with relatives.Forward beginning, make agreed your kitchen is clean and clutter-free.Claim your elemental representations in the steal directives.Blessed be this kitchen of wheedle out, By Air, Send off, Marine and Home, Be Warmed by the Sanctified Lean of the Holy being. May all that is fashioned intoBy way any magickal and earthly Fund compost, Healing sustanance, And accomplish harm to none. As soon as love and demand, As soon as joy and magick, Be now and always rotund. So Mote It Be!