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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Made For Tv Bin Laden Drama

Made For Tv Bin Laden Drama
May 4, 2011 -- Made-for-TV Bin Laden take part in

publication date: May 4, 2011

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May 4, 2011 -- Made-for-TV Bin Laden take part in

Made-for-TV counter-terrorism operations


Be keen on a view from Fox Television's "24" series, an loud fairy-tale cryptogram that lowest point CIA agents and stuck-up officials of the U.S. organization versus shrewd terrorists buckled on clump death and commotion, the world has been treated to photographs of Lead Obama, Wickedness Lead Biden, the Whitish National native soil reparation contributor, and a fervently self-conscious Secretary of State Hillary Clinton huddled on a individual in the Whitish National Aspect Area reflection a coincident video direct from Abbottabad, Pakistan. The video purports to have members of the US Navy's Intimate Bring together 6, the Army's Delta Craziness, and the CIA's paramilitary faculty putting a rubber bullet ready Osama bin Laden's taste last a 45-minute firefight in which Bin Laden's reparation faculty put up a resolute opponent but were in a straight line vanquished by the higher-ranking faculty of the American Illusion Operations contributor.

In what may very well be a attach? case of life imitating art, Lead Obama took to the airwaves last reflection the Pentagon's and CIA's own portrayal of "24" and announced that America's Intimates Competitor Release One had been killed by the U.S. air force contributor. Crowds in a straight line showed up in audacity of the Whitish National to make known "USA! USA!" and sing the praises of Obama for his order to shoot- to-kill the man accused of person the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the Cooperative States. As a episode, Obama's deterioration drum up support shut down organize skyward. America has in time had its revenge on the evil terrorist Bin Laden who has, patronizing convinced years, baited the Cooperative States with video and hearing terrorization of guess authenticity from an indistinctive bit.

The Whitish National announced that Bin Laden had been jammed in a fantastic wine producer well a few hundred meters from the Kakul Soldierly Institution of higher education of the Pakistani air force, but highest of Pakistan's top brass were cultured. Bin Laden was supposedly living, undetected by the Pakistani air force and brain community, in a air force cantonment that served as a place for retirement for a section of Pakistani air force officers and Inter-Services Rationale (ISI) labor force. Abbottabad, 75 miles northeast of Islamabad and a Pakistani portrayal of U.S. intelligence-imbued McLean, Virginia, is moreover well renowned to the Pakistani military's and ISI's CIA and Pentagon interlocutors. Yet, Bin Laden chose to stay in "reparation" raze the reviled "infidels."

End of the Bin Laden "shoot to kill" story?


A issue program a dead Bin Laden with his eyes abandoned and his mouth agape was flashed across television stations on the world and even in excess of up on the websites of major news publications. Acquaint with was particular one do exercises with the photos. They were faked and had been debunked as charade months in advance. So, if the photographs of the dead Bin Laden were faked, what overly about this master counter-terrorism delicate was moreover bogus?


Acquaint with had been a section of hearsay in the Pakistani, Arab, and western media about Bin Laden having been killed or dying from his kidney cancer years near the Whitish National trotted out its "24" have.

In July 2001, well weeks earlier to the 9/11 attacks, Le Figaro of Paris and Interactions France Corporation reported that the CIA's reputation condescending in Dubai, who went by the name of Larry Mitchell, visited an unwell Bin Laden at the American Hospice in Dubai. On April 19, 2002, FBI finer Robert Mueller, in a crack to San Francisco's Commonwealth Bludgeon, stated: "In our investigation, we possess not naked a secede cut of paper -- either here and there in in the Cooperative States, or in the quantity trove of information that has turned up in Afghanistan and barred -- that mentioned any aspect of the September 11 machinate." So but was the FBI's smoking gun leading it to Bin Laden? It never existed. In November 2002, Lead Plant understood, "I don't know but bin Laden is. I possess no put up and really don't thought. It's not that piercing. It's not our pre-eminence." And in 2006, the CIA, possibly realizing that the Bin Laden "bogeyman" was gravel to cork to the general any longer, announced that it was closing down its Bin Laden unit, arrangement named "Alec Put up." On November 2, 2007, gone Pakistani Indication Prophet Benazir Bhutto told David Chill that Osama had been murdered by one of Bin Laden's henchmen. Close to two months after that, Bhutto, herself, was murdered in an massacre taking part in a take stop in Rawalpindi, a machinate reported to possess been engineered by the American-influenced Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf.

Now, last the seeming bloodshed of Bin Laden in Abbottabad, the U.S. has announced it under arrest convinced "Al Qaeda" computers detailing prepared terrorist attacks on the world. It would appear that Bin Laden, last improved than tarn rumors of his earlier death, was resurrected from the sober for purposes particular renowned to the boss echelons of the Obama Whitish National and America's military-industrial-intelligence dense... All the same, the guess hard to please leaks of U.S. State Arm cables, circulated by the fighting fit dishonest WikiLeaks, revealed that hundreds of interrogations of Guantanamo prisoners abrupt to "Al Qaeda" unsightly to release a "nuclear hellstorm" on the western nations if Bin Laden were jammed or assassinated. The world may now be in store for baseless fade terrorist attacks discretion of the CIA and Pentagon like emptiness seen in the outside.

Following the fake Niger "wan cake" uranium pass, the baseless brain from a renowned Iraqi fraudster that Saddam Hussein's weather tremendous vans were telephone genuine weaponry labs, charade Iraq Oil Ministry pass alleging Saddam's bribes to western politicians and businessmen, and the highest advanced baseless story proffered by Obama's commissioner to the Cooperative Nations that Libyan troops despoil Viagra were raping women in Libya, why want being with any facet of general crack conduct anything coming out of the Obama administration? Be keen on its forebear, the Obama appoint has revealed a comprehensive doubt to lie and block out. The going up psychological fighting cryptogram person waged by the Cooperative States may be the much-lamented attempt to resurrect a dying family.

Bin Laden was understood to possess been immersed at sea, according to "Islamic practice," from the deceit transporter USS Carl Vinson in the north Arabian Sea. All the same, no single cosmopolitan observers witnessed whether the organization immersed at sea was, in fact, that of Bin Laden. Obama and his contributor plea one and all to conduct them at go up cost. Obama's appoint native soil reparation insurance broker John Brennan, an actor of the CIA's kidnapping and pest cryptogram and the U.S. gulag at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, understood it was with "99.9 percent" uprightness that the DNA was that of Bin Laden. When on earth it comes to the U, S. organization, the.1 percent flexibility becomes a massive key in analytical the loll and the psychological fighting game person played by Washington.

Being Obama and his minions now say that America and the West is now under marvel of an "Al Qaeda" penalizing capture, reparation chi be heightened and improved lenient and mystery internship chi be sacrificed. George Orwell would be shocked that his fairy-tale Oceania now exists in real life.

Pakistan, which now appears to be America's new heckler in the "war versus terrorism," is person reported by American loll experts and Obama appoint yes-men to be a nation wide-ranging with "slyness theories." All the same, from members of the true and hardened working media in Washington, not the Obama blogger robots and big business media shills who eject forth reflection cave idiom points out of the Whitish National prize open room and Obama's own portrayal of Joseph Goebbels, information "czar" Cass Sunstein, comes an close customary lay to rest to the trial present Bin Laden's killing: "this story well does not arrive on the scene justifiably, why did they get rid of Bin Laden's organization so fast? Bin Laden's been dead for eight years!" and "this is well improved B.S. like we've seen the same as 9/11."

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