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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Right Wing Pagans

Right Wing Pagans
I am scared stiff to learn (like better last-minute) that the leaked BNP contribution list allegedly includes a magnitude of Pagans. "Pause cleaner. To start with pig farmer. Pagan put in prison chaplain. Hobbies: maturing mistletoe, rune-making (grove)"; "Machinist Odinist/member of pagan organisations." A follower is "arrange to go along with seminar on medieval/dark age subects" and "interested in... rigid up a British pagan group". I am likewise flabbergasted to find that, if it is true that the window cleaner and ancient pig farmer is a Pagan put in prison chaplain, he was not healthy vetted by the put in prison service. And if he is a Pagan-Federation-accredited put in prison chaplain, the Pagan league requirement not allow him to aim them.

It has want been observed that some Odinists personal right-wing tendencies (though by no course of action all, as the Heathens neighboring Abhor strike demonstrates). The other two Pagans described untouchable may not be Odinists, in spite of that.

Donate is no place in Paganism for far authentic politics. Pagans are assumed to be deal and finished.