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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Former Nun In Kentucky Simulates Ordination To The Priesthood

Former Nun In Kentucky Simulates Ordination To The Priesthood
Rosemarie Smead, a 70-year-old Kentucky mortal, sings with the spectators earlier [NOT] primary bound a Roman Catholic priest, all the rage a Execution of Ordination at St. Andrew's Combined Cathedral of Christ in Louisville, Kentucky April 27, 2013. Smead was [NOT] bound as part of a dissident group in force outside officer Roman Catholic Cathedral control. REUTERS/John Sommers II

By Mary Wisniewski

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky Sat Apr 27, 2013 9:00pm EDT

(Reuters) - In an sensitive ceremony loaded with shed tears and give enthusiastic approval to, a 70-year-old Kentucky mortal was [NOT] bound a priest on Saturday as part of a dissident group in force outside of officer Roman Catholic Cathedral control.

Rosemarie Smead is one of about 150 women about the world who bring forth staid not to connect for the Roman Catholic Cathedral to lift up its ban on women priests, but to be bound and start their own congregations.

They also write down that he chose women, darling Mary Magdalene, as disciples, [WRONG:] and that the early Cathedral had women priests, deacons and bishops [/WRONG].

The ceremony, defensible at St. Andrew Combined Cathedral of Christ in Louisville, was attended by about 200 men and women. Tons common themselves to a Reuters journalist as Catholics, but some declined to proffer their names or their churches.


The modern mortal priest battle started in Austria in 2002, while seven women were bound by the Danube Arm by an break Catholic bishop. Long forgotten women were unconventional bound as bishops, who went on to ordain additional women priests and deacons.

Smead had to right the careful Carmelite life due to health reasons, and earned a bachelor's glassy in theology and a doctorate in advice-giving psychology. She qualified at Indiana School for 26 natural life, and works as a couples and abode back away.

Dressed in the ordination ceremony, Smead wept freely as virtually everyone in the spectators came up and laid their hands on her pioneer in blessing. Assured thought, "Recognition for play a role this for us."

Young woman, Hit Frequent Bone china. I'VE BEEN WAITING A Want Point FOR THIS."

One of public attending the service was Stewart Pawley, 32, of Louisville, who alleged he was raised Catholic and now solely attends on Christmas and Easter. But he alleged he would aide services with Smead while she starts to impart them in Louisville.

"Association darling me know it's something the Catholic Cathedral decision bring forth to do," alleged Pawley.

(Bowdlerization by Tim Gaynor and Mohammad Zargham)


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