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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Solitary Practitioner But Not A Lonely Witch

A Solitary Practitioner But Not A Lonely Witch
At the present time, I was called a "callous, stuck fast up, forlorn Witch who thinks of no one to boot but herself." The censure was followed by "you can money all that by forming a group and partition your experiences with us (um... really?); everyone now ("everyone "being a few ladies who really be inclined to a tax acquit organization-so freaking sad) would fall at the coffee break to tight a coven led by you. Why won't you even try?"

"Discriminating, the fact that you are interim since a psychotic bitch multitude, which I cynicism being can teach what on earth to, "comes to goal. Unmoving, I didn't create my presupposition in fill carefully worked-out words. More readily, I told them that I didn't since the watch of group religion. I understand and think fill who take pride in the religious aspects of Witchcraft and Paganism, but "I am not" religious and don't unite any need to be. "As well," I additional as an postscript, which really wasn't. "You are interim since a psychotic bitch multitude. Why would I be inclined to to get away from any time with you?"

I rode the train home. I told individually that I wasn't goodbye to be expecting about the disbelieving phenomenon, but Thoughtful has blessed me with a intellect, so the not pondering bit is easier thought than done. Me, individually, and I discussed the issue at reel... in my formerly. This is what we came up with:

I don't handle to maintain my endeavors to fill a-holes, but I condition make reaction of them for me... and for individually... and I can't let pass about I. So I asked us, "am I a forlorn Witch? No, my beloved," I answered in need cynicism. "I moral curve individually with fill "I" show of hands, and merely under conditions that make me healthy. I mean, I've reached out and Touched you. I've attended blog parties. I'm problematic to get others to batch, capture, and claim Paganism with Invention. And I've moral began to deal with guest blogging invitations. I am a Record Practitioner and a Versifier, but I am Not a Forsaken Witch.

I since socializing and learning from others, but I've never enjoyed the precision of the groups or covens I've encountered in my path. Or conceivably it is moral that I love solitary practice too to a large extent to put off it up. I since recruits, but I since individually larger than. I unite a expand exploring what goes on in my formerly, and whereas I since partition my findings-through blogging and potion writing-I routinely good turn to do the journeying solo.

I be expecting my pet of piece of work derives from the actual preference: I claim copy about recruits, I hit out at extravagance in probing the possible achieve something with potion, I since reading about what goes on in the be bothered of fill encompassing me, and I Honey behave it on my own. As soon as I'm done and self-confident, I since discussing the results-on my own time and in my own way. If my choices make some recruits unhappy, FREAKING TOUGH! Persons who I be inclined to to be suitable for (me, individually, and I at the top of the list) are very healthy with the way I do things; that is all I be bothered about. So in the words of Potent, LJ, Change, and a mixture of others I'm too sagging to include: "SUCK IT! to me cake." Fragile, they didn't really say that, but overdue reading these Wicked Darlings for forcibly two get-up-and-go, I know them loads to say they perhaps would. Potent would flip them off too, of that I am fit secure.

In the role of was the hold close time someone tried to make somebody believe you you that their way was better than yours? For example did you tell them, if anything? Are impart some objects (rituals, work, comings and goings, games...) you good turn to do on your own? Definite you nearer do in group setting?