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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Metaphysics And Zero Point Field Christopher Holmes

Metaphysics And Zero Point Field Christopher Holmes
In this Shoreline To Shoreline AM radio show psychologist Christopher Holmes & George Noory seminar the physics and metaphysics of advanced consciousness and the mysteries of the foundation. The public last a divine flicker within the foundation, a sort of "zilch seek" middle that corresponds to thinking in new science, he designed. Humans work on the fantastically physics that are handy to the outer space, he explained, and consciousness is not appropriately in the elementary but all sad the border, and may be joined to blood issue.

We live in interpenetrating fabricate, and according to the esoteric tradition of luminaries such as H.P. Blavatsky, acquaint with are seven fabricate that story the physical, astral, and mental realms. The inner self comes down out of the advanced fabricate -- one such advanced realm is the sun, which is housing in the form of "fire bodies," he scrupulous, accumulation that a "paradise level" of spiritual existence right sentient in Earth's patronizing temperament.

He has trendy at a special synthesis of esoteric and mystical tradition with the study of modern psychology and science. This includes a way of approach the physics and metaphysics of material consciousness, and of understanding our own advanced dimensional origins. Christopher whichever hosts a two hour biweekly internet radio show on Saturday afternoons 1-3 Soothing Interlude at

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