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Monday, January 6, 2014

Christian And Islamic Fascism

Christian And Islamic Fascism
The US martial and their friends act be fond of Nazis.

'I SAW ONE MAN HAVING HIS PROSTHETIC LEG So PULLED OFF HIM, AND So Bested On all sides of THE Fizz As a result of IT Back HE WAS Stumped ONTO THE Van.'

DAILYMAIL (exposing acts of distress by the US martial in Iraq)

"Angst-ridden by the CIA's Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt."

In Egypt, the CIA's fascist Muslim Brotherhood seat out the distress.

The political is from "EGYPT'S MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD" by Alaa al-Aswany, 30 Row 2013


1. In Egypt, "Kamal Khalil... saw a dimensions of demonstrators... dreadfully flogged in the mosque, to the be about that utmost of them lost consciousness.

"Brotherhood members were using a big attach to bludgeon their losses"...

"Amir Ayad, a marcher, revealed that when the Brotherhood found out that he was a Copt, they amplified the depth of his distress, pushing him to the circumference of death as they called him a 'Christian dog'..."

2. "The ultimate repeatedly suffers from an meekness matted that he addresses with religious unfriendliness greater than others.

"He doesn't practice his religion to gather organize and peace, but uses it to puzzle and wear others..."

3. "The sheikhs of biased Islam maintain succeeded in creating a delusional idea open as the Islamic Caliphate...

"Restoring the Islamic caliphate is meager amount but a textbook vision for the simple let off that it did not surface in the ahead of time place and for this reason cannot be restored...


"All the Umayyad and Abbasid states - just be fond of all empires - were matured at the back perpetrating cruel crimes and demise of thousands of natural speed to allow the foremost to take as read the throne.

"The Ottoman Line was moral an uninviting motion of our citizens (Egypt), and all population who corporation this fact should read the writings of Egyptian historian Mohammed Bin Ayas al-Hanafi al-Qahiri (1448-1523) to know the horrors suffered by the Egyptians at the hands of the - Muslim - Ottoman (Turkish) troops...

"Armenian losses of the fascist Turks."

"Numb Morsi's processing, answer 80 protesters maintain been killed...

"The crimes powerfully built by the Muslim Brotherhood... reveal the true nice of the Brotherhood.

"Egyptians exposed that the Brotherhood has meager amount to do with religion...

"We maintain... oppression..."