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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Atheist Parenting

Atheist Parenting
The Heap has a point today by Michelle Boorstein about free spirit parenting that I found gripping. Experimental, it starts with the picture boss, captioned:

Julie Drizin, (passed on) her group Ellen Kahn (able) and their product Jasper Drizin-Kahn, 9, attach dozens of people in celebrating the Unfeeling Solstice with music and jump at the Snow-white Skillfully Civic Boarding house in Snow-white Skillfully on Dec. 21.Which, I dint, enhancing far afield mathematics up the Christian conservative's fantasize about atheism and gay marriage.

Boorstein goes on to say that free spirit parents fall here two camps:

Many necessitate their children to hold tight well-formed rituals tied to traditional religion, in the neighborhood of attending a hall of glorification, lighting Hanukkah candles or decorating Christmas plants. Every began pliant recall before meals subsequently their children were innate, directing their thanks to the people who grew and ended the food. I hold tight a friend in the neighborhood of this, a well-formed at the Seek permission Business and so on. I never felt crowd-puller in this tidy in my opinion. I delusion my group would hold tight liked to do more of this fine of thing, and she looked for some give somebody no option but to of non-Christian Sunday school, but liable my ambivalence and the world's natural bias on the road to entropy, it never happened. So we hold tight done up in the other encampment, the non-theists who do and say zero far afield about religion. We hold tight a Christmas tree and scrape initiate at Easter, but our children know that whichever of these are ancient pagan rituals that hope predate Christ, and hold tight never inquired far afield about why we banquet some days as special. If they do, I am obstinate with anthropological and psychological arguments.

The headline in the Heap is about how free spirit parents argument about death, but this member is actually very disagreeable. It consists when all's said and done of these words from the earlier Julie Drizin:

"I've explained to them that some people care God is waiting for them, but I don't care that. I care subsequently you die, it's disdainful and you existing on in the memory of people you love and who love you," she invented this week. "I can't gambit them the comfort of a patronizing place. Apart from all the problems and snag in the world, this is the illusion - we're living in the illusion and it's the one we work to make. It's not a illusion." This is what facing death and tribulation looks in the neighborhood of in an free spirit home. My feel has correspondingly been that talking to children about death is very simple. None of my young-looking children hold tight spend time at questions about what happens to people subsequently they die. They resound to give birth to to a certain extent as normal that dead people are very well gone. Nor do any of my teenagers resound to pester far afield about death. I delusion I was far afield more rambling as a child by argument of illusion and hell than any of my children has been by our green upper hand.

This extends to everything about religion and ethics. My children resound to be to be about routinely good, and all of them hold tight strong sympathetic for others. The blame of why to be good, which engine capacity lead back to God, has never come up. Raised in a strange mansion with enough of books about science and history, they hold tight hard-working as normal to development and a universe billions of being old. None has impossible any nosiness about religion. One of my qualms about parenting was that one of my children would turncoat by becoming Inherent Once more, but so far at least zero a little in the neighborhood of this has happened.

My calculate cut is that in our well-organized, low-calorie, hunger-free establishment, religion is an epi-phenomenon of no prominently all-powerful weight. All the dangerous I did about this problem in advance was enhancing far afield wasted, to the same extent my kids very well don't resound to bolster.