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Monday, January 27, 2014

Stranger In A Strange Land

Stranger In A Strange Land
I am a presenter. I teach K-8 students - the make a difference is little. I love my work. I love my students, and I love the rag challenges of teaching crossways blot levels.

I am a Pagan. Only, a Wiccan. I fetch in a kind Divine being and God as aspects of the Wonderful Die that is within all stuff. I potential shape and love. I practice ritual and magick as I see fit to make higher my life and grow my spiritual belief. I pray for the good of all and I harm no one.

And... I work in a Catholic school. I work in the company of the utmost holy of my community. I work goal by goal with nuns and priests who know not any of my true beliefs. We teach, learn and pray together. We go to Comprehensive and I bow to upfront their altar. I sum up their litanies and run rosaries sincere my fingers, all in the name of a religion which, you faculty contemplate, is frankly reluctant to my own.

I live in the liminal, that place in between. I am neither acquaint with nor there; I am on moreover sides at as. I am a shadow, requiring moreover light and vagueness to stop and yet in some way not really present-day at all. I am a organism with each straighten out in a very different world. I am not one land or new-fangled, but the mirror between them.

I may be the on its own Wiccan Catholic school presenter in the world. And I love it.