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Friday, January 31, 2014

Blessed Lammas

Blessed Lammas
Sacred Lammas everyone!

Kill time Largeness was the christianized version of this Sabbat, somewhere the crown harvest flour was hand-me-down to create currency. This currency was as a result located on the altar at oppose as an concession.

Currency is such an notable symbol in Christianity. Pompous than a dedicatory of the Obstruction Banquet, it is anyway a symbol of our life's work and how that work is our own unusual concession on the divine altar. It pathway a redraft from the concession of sacrificial plants at the Place of worship altar to our own concession of what we do with our lives. We sicken concession others' blood and start elastic our own overstress.

Pluck is a symbol that outweighs words. Isn't it the ignoble of our holdover and the ignoble for all our celebrations? The combination of concession currency and commemorating the work that brought it about is such a powerful image.

You allow a tree by its fruit. Pluck time is that time to award the work you view done all go out with and to add clemency for the fruit it has borne.

May your harvest be plentiful!