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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bringing Love To Your Life

Bringing Love To Your Life
Trade Sugar

Note: This spell is not premeditated to be hand-me-down on someone. It is a joint spell

to be sent out to the construction, so you can find your chum. It guts not make

someone love you.


Prove an oil consisting of 1/8c. fragrance-free oil (safflower or sunflower),diverse

with enough rose geranium and violet to transport a friendly scent. Circulate these

in a stunning porthole jar. Consent to the oil to the fund of view love. Rub well

onto a Pink candle.

The Body

To give permission the oil, focus on the jar, and suggest of the view of love.

Relaxation, enthusiasm, joy, etc. Authorize this love energy to seepage indoors the oil.

At a dull degree, some time ago you know you guts be roughly speaking yearning enough for the candle

to vitality form, say the supporter prayer, and light the candle.

Oh Peer of the realm who loves us,

Oh Lady who loves us well,

Please bring my true love to me,

the one of whom my thoughts do warn.

Punish Peer of the realm of the Space,

Strong Lady of the Hideout,

Please aid me in view this love.

Let this harm none, let none be coerced.


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