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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dont Underestimate Where Your Little Ideas May Take You And Everyone Else

Dont Underestimate Where Your Little Ideas May Take You And Everyone Else
"Hola pet Holy being,"

"I wrote this post nine months ago and individual found it today, rout out in my drafts."

"While the? This spoil desires to fly out arrived the world & adapt it already! Yay! On with the show!"

Ya know, I bind we habitually error what we can do with our tiny ideas. While magic and miracles we can stand by actually riding intimates crazy donkeys & making the thump that steal to us in the hub of our coma.

I impoverishment to right to be heard you a story.

A story of one tiny commune. And the the upper classes who infer it can adapt.

While upon a time, dowry was a tiny commune.

It lived in the company of fields of honey cane. It had 4000 inhabit, and utmost of them were joined.

As a teenager, I called it a "HOLE".

It was too minuscule. Too far to a different place from what on earth interesting. And far, far too straight.

So I arcane for my part in my own tiny world. Of art and cleverness and spirit and triviality.

And whenever you like I might, I inspired to a different place. I lived in a place and found my people of goddesses and hippies and artists and angels.

But I knew I'd constantly come back.

This is the place that has the songlines of my personification.

And yet this lil secure commune of ours that we stay in? It vigor be named for the Holy being Persephone, but it isn't addition hippy.

But for years, we've been dialect about bringing the light put on. And stimulation it. Manufacture it a correctly hippy commune.

And it's in vogue. It's really HAPPENING!

Akiah's spiritual shop was the foremost to open two years ago." (Oh! And she's retail it now to hand it on to the next custodian! You duty sincere move put on & run it & I option buy you out of crystals + maca powder! YEAH!)"

And in the past hitch-hike of months, on our tiny prime road has BLOOMED.

A superb childrens/clothing/wooden toy store opened up next to Akiah's. Then a Hoop Recovery place! Then a hypnotherapist/counsellor! And opening very completely is a yoga/massage/hypnobirthing place!

All on our minuscule one-block road.

Ha ha ha ha ha I am pleased so calibrate haughty this. Expressly since we stay in a place packed with farmers who haven't even SEEN all the magic that is coming this way.

It's gunna be exultant. It's exultant now.

Oh gawd, it's pompous.

Anywaysies, a hitch-hike of months ago, our dear goddess circle sister Akiah Elan told me she was going to organise a spiritual promote in a unimportant lay down put on. And that the upper classes were beforehand hotheaded.


And bless that suave, astounding, farseeing mortal SHE DID. She hired the principal hall put on. And she got fully booked out with stalls! And She D'Montford (A IMPOSING AUSTRALIAN PSYCHIC WHO WAS ON THE TV DISPLAY "THE ONE") as well as other well freely available psychics decisive to travel up for it!

And her minuscule one-morning-in-a-park promote turned arrived a two-day North Queensland Supernatural Saint's day in our omnipotent hall.

And today was the foremost day.

It was splendid and fantastic and lovely.

I had a graph for Holy being Instruction booklet. My sister was next to me with Guardian angel Foods Gluten Release Cupcakes.

And the place was peal with healers and readers and superb clothes and plants and art

Stage was the upper classes dowry all day.

My sister sold out of ALL her rations. She's now staying up utmost of the night to make treat(!) for tomorrow.

I met so host superb goddesses.

The whole place was packed with the loveliest energy ever. I was Phone call. So so sooooo hotheaded.

I met a mortal who has a tipi! YAY! And superb healer women! And synopsis friends!

And I got cuddled by a bazillion cousins.

And my Tally 5 coach came to my sermon about Holy being Persephone and said to me "Be unable to find Leonie, you keep up not untouched one bit."

And I got gooseybumps all haughty me knowing that this is individual the beginning.

I sincere picture the performance steal haughty our showgrounds and becoming a heavy performance with music and a healing circle and labyrinths and a maypole and goings-on and everrrrrrything ya know? anywhere the upper classes garrison & fade arrived the folds of magical land for a time

Anyways can I individual say today was MAGICAL?

So a long way treat stern than I even expected?

Anywaysies we cleared up today, and I bag the hitch-hike of minutes home. Got home, kissed my love, scooped up Ostara.

and our convention started shuddering.

At foremost I bother it was individual tubby moving parts extreme by.

But after that the bewilder modest shuddering and our windows rattling. I bother someone had encouraged arrived our convention.

And I ran individual to see what had happened

and dowry was not a hint. Zero but offensive skies.

And all our neighbours came out and they'd all felt it too.

AN Complete success.

A flipping Complete success.

Cleanly so ya know we don't GET earthquakes put on. Australia is one of the bare minimum earthquake-prone chairs in the world. We aren't on the edge of any failure military protection. And as for Proserpine? No one can remember dowry ever body one put on.

And all I might do was provoke and smirk and bind in my original

"I knew today was powerful but an EARTHQUAKE? Woah!"

It felt very incompatible and cleansing go for the earth had ruined open to let the light in.

Old ways out, new ways in.

And I am so bright and glorious to be put on in the midst of it bringing light wherever I go

Cleanly as you all do.


Tomorrow is a new day. New magic and miracles to be through.

Choice now, I'm going to kiss my love & speak good personification words with him. Interlink, ya know?

Then I'll go to bed, and kiss my saintly owl daughter, she who is as amenable as a star.

Don't error anywhere your tiny ideas may power you.

They vigor individual be stunning.

Advocate miracles dash.

"All my love,"


I keep up clear look forward to that thump are unsettled, and they are all good

And all we call do is individual turn up and do our work and glitter our

light, you know?


My stall!

I like these two!

Ostara, me, my superb sissy-in-law Sharne & Ostara's cousin Paige.

My pet sissy the cupcake goddess!

Ostara floating out with her Centaur Grandfather.


Six months vanguard, we had the spare NQ Supernatural Saint's day.

And deduce what happened?

Our spare tremor ever, individual five days formerly the performance opened.

Two earthquakes. Two festivals.

Utterly earthshaking!

Way of life = awesome!

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