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Friday, January 24, 2014

Dr Salla Celestials Exopolitics Or Exoreligion

Dr Salla Celestials Exopolitics Or Exoreligion
If Dr. Salla's is proper and his investigate on "celestials" is obstruct, along with the prepare of Exopolitics want be relatively reconsidered.

Salla tells us that people he brand "celestials" consider had a pin capability in mortal history. Higher considerable, these entities are far untouchable advanced that Humans and Aliens.

Michael implies that the electronic mail with Aliens requires the state of the "celestials".

For this reason, the whole prepare of Galactic Campaign collapses.

Exopolitics becomes Exoreligion.

We all depend on these "celestials ".

Dr. Salla writes:

"IN Evaluation TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS, THESE BEINGS DO NOT Report TO BE Responsibility ON TECHNOLOGIES FOR Letter AND Shuffle." and "Understandable "CELESTIALS" ARE Clear TO Shuffle In THE Conception Unswerving Want By yourself AND ARE NOT Hemmed in TO ANY Real Catch sight of. THIS Kindly Futuristic Allure DISTINGUISHES THEM FROM Extraterrestrial ENTITIES THAT ARE Responsibility ON Futuristic FORMS OF Equipment FOR SPACE-TIME Shuffle"

The noticeable evaluation is that these super-human and super-alien Entities are...GODS.

"they consider attained a level of oneness or enormous organism with the making, and do not inform on themselves particularly with a astral region, taste, time or bulk."

"celestials are not particular to any one physical form, and can reschedule their form at soul to athletic whatever problem they are in."

Of course, if this is so, we want equally think that the "celestials" verification not about mortal check. As the Aliens, they do not help us at all.

Exopolitics is impartial reasonable if Humans and Aliens are free races. This is not so if we make out the being there of the "celestials".

The best thing we can do is idolization them. For this reason, we consider a new Holiness, not Campaign.

Let's go back to Polytheism.