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Monday, August 2, 2010

Are The Freemasons Parodying Judaism

Are The Freemasons Parodying Judaism Cover No.

While Christian fundamentalists and antisemites have their own reasons for condemning masonic ritual or beliefs as being Enochian or Zadokite, Jewish fundamentalists will make similar accusations for different reasons.

The accusation is not that Freemasonry is a religion, but that it is a pseudo-religion; that it is a parody of Judaism. While, superficially, aspects of the rituals of masonic concordant bodies may possibly be viewed as aping Judaism, within regular Craft Freemasonry there is nothing in the ritual or practices that would support this accusation. In the defence of the concordant bodies, it should be stressed that the intent is certainly not to belittle Judaism, nor do they consider the use of Judaic or Hebrew titles to mean that they are engaged in Religious practices. The ritual pertains to the history of King Solomon’s Temple and the second Temple of Herod. It would not be possible to represent or re-enact this history without reference to the Historical and legendary personages, many of whom were priests.

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