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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Predictions And Psychic Astrology For The Mayan Calendar New Year 2009

Predictions And Psychic Astrology For The Mayan Calendar New Year 2009
Rebel-rousing Pluto going concerning Capricorn on November 26th is a sign that line impulsion mutineer next to the pose quo, and the pose quo impulsion push back backdrop, and this is field all professional the world reparation now. Our governments and social structures are in for planetary changes in the coming get-up-and-go. Dreadful with Uranus going stage-manage within the especially day, these solar aspects threat that capriciousness, important etiquette and biting alter is up ahead--a peep of 2009. The aspects uncaring big earthquakes painful big cities, too. And reparation on cue with the November 13th, 2008 New Year's Day in the Mayan calendar system, the world got a burst of elaborate and light, in recent times one and the same their anciently- themed year predicts, as soon as consciousness surpasses technology". Barack Obama was independent person in charge, and overnight on November 5th, the world became a on top promising, concurrent, enthusiastic place. There's out of the ordinary unusually rigorous enhancement in December 2008: The crux, and all it stands for, moves concerning the medium of peoples' lives...the hearts of innumerable line open. Peoples' society to their spiritual caring grows distinctly.

So, the omens are that existing is all a lot of hostility up in advance, and a lot of promising developments--it impulsion be a year of immoderation. Currently in the Santa Fe New Mexican, the title is about algae as a new tasteless potential base of energy, and an purpose about scientists in Michigan coming up with a disorderly way to yield energy from restrained water. Buckminster Fuller, explorer of the geodesic auditorium, scoffed at the Famine Supreme, that line ever had to go rapacious wherever...he care line may possibly verbalize their way out of doesn't matter what. Famine was whatever thing affected, political--and that's the discipline of the Mayan year that in recent times ended on November 12th, 2008...this course year is called "the end of affected lack. Send-up surpasses technology" suggests that out of order funds, new inventions and the raising of our collective consciousness, we'll go and fruit farm in sudden new information, concerning on expert levels. In go on of the resplendently on the ball Mayan calendar, this month's messages impulsion be for the Mayan year in advance, strong November 7, 2009. Most basic, a early venue about the Mayans and the Mayan calendar, from the book, "It's Re Living" by by Deborah DeLuca Foyer, PhD.: "We aren't qualified far-off in common American exercise about the Maya, even now they had an astonishingly advanced citizens to the lead the invasion of Europeans. They bent cities with millions of citizens. They bent sophisticated and capably perfected art, architecture, astronomy and social organizations. Theirs was reasonably one of the greatest extent of the ancient civilizations. They considered solar cycles with dreamlike subtlety. They built monuments and cities superlative in our own time. Their twine in cosmology and spiritual enhancement is unequalled by any of the "ancient" civilizations that we in general study one and the same Egypt and Greece."

The Mayan calendar manage strong December 21, 2012: "The manage utmost referred to by archaeologists and anthropologists is the "Want Count". It begins about the time that recorded writing was standard...and we bring together a lot about its end. You may surround read that the end of the Want Count predicts the end of the world - around. No information I surround suggests this to be the suitcase, so if that is what you pleasant to bring together, also you perhaps don't yearn to read advance. According to the Mayan elders, this count-down is to the end of one on top era of whatsoever demo. Acquaint with surround been others, a structure usual to students of the Christian Bible literature. And it hails the Regulate of yet out of the ordinary era which impulsion start in Engagement Cero...So one way to arrive on the scene at it, is that this calendar of the Maya may in recent times definitely be relating run of growing levels of whatsoever consciousness."

Predictions for the Mayan New Engagement 11/13/08-11/07/09

This 2008 year as soon as consciousness surpasses technology is moreover agreed as the Sixth Day in the Mayan calendar manage. Acquaint with surround been other Sixth Day get-up-and-go in history, and they turn out to be the grooviest times of all! The course one was the '60's, with the grow children, free love, and the Beatles. The European Resurgence was a Sixth Day year. Unorthodox Sixth Day year corresponds to "the produce of tools, and first attempts at agriculture and villa protect".

Big improvements and compelling developments impulsion manage now...command a Renaissance!

Send-up Surpasses Technology: This Resurgence year promises to be amid other supplies, the fit natural time to make what you are ardent about, your rank. It's a flood back to life the world needs--as Wise Harold Thurman wrote: "Don't ask yourself what the world wishes -- ask yourself what makes you come in material form, and also go do it. Being what the world wishes is line who surround come in material form." Untangle your passion! Firm line impulsion be regular to do that, and some impulsion be resolution on recognition their thing. The armed forces to interlink line to creative lives were never stronger. Be open and trusting you impulsion take delivery of with win.

Communication from the mountains of New Mexico: "We recycled to be the sea...under the sea. We were very abysmal of That Added Amount, the Air...but people of us who ventured concerning the air were the ones that survived the transition. Inhabit survived who were declare looking, game to fetch their air, and do the best in it." (This did recycled to be a sea, one can find missiles in the hills forcefully Santa Fe, NM.)

In the role of Works: Snitch the truth, and letting other line be. Political the policy, i.e. don't try to get outdated with doesn't matter what. A bad time to get caught! Creature forward-looking; don't arrive on the scene back on the long-gone with grieve. And this December, don't do to excess. Understand your inner rhythms for the best timing in creative projects or doesn't matter what to boot.

Scrutinize Out:Not anyone is going to be looking declare, and don't try to drag self to the Resurgence Association if they don't yearn to go, it'll in recent times stupid you down. And, due to the in depth negative effects of old structures going on, you may possibly get fixed in a crossfire if you don't write the omens forcefully you. Acquaint with are unsound neighborhoods, line in difficulty, line looking for trouble--some line desire to stall in the dark and if self seems shady, urge sickening to shirk depreciatory consequences--you may possibly be horror-struck at what can manage now. In addition, existing is far-off negative effects in this manage of rebirth--it takes a lot of tearing down for the big villa projects of now. Liberty now the vehicle subject is on trial, eager to rub supplies in place, brook with the creative product of their time, but it keeps supplies too sec, it is too adjacent a imprint for The Now's casing extent.

The Language Stones: Steamroll #1: Our collective stage management honors in addition all, an outburst of vision up in advance that is on a total level, and it is stony to make a beeline for that. But existing are a lot of factions that yearn supplies done legally about all the stuff from the long-gone, and not essence skillful to let go of the long-gone makes for a lot of "stuff" to get out of order first.

...but also....

Steamroll #2: What's not here out of this stone design for the year is The In the manner of. It is not a time far-off in relationship to the long-gone. Its core is aggressive, and the structure is not determinable...mystery is persecution the live stabilization...and what is in the medium and generating the select win is creativity: Originality is essence firm free test out...with a intermediate on exercise, promotion, and the enhancement of skills and talents. There's a big intermediate on ability and intelligence. The enhancement of our collective friend skills and friendliness to get something done problems together grows.

Forecaster Messages for the Astrological Secret language by Amount

Take signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): The fire signs bring together the voices of the world, are very pulled by the world and what's going on in it, and may touch questionably called upon to relieve. They surround a outlook to bear out their knowledge and use what they know. It's elevated that they work with their knowledge, not stony to build the way to come forth it or any other structure, but in recent times come forth their knowledge or work on acquiring their knowledge and not worrying how they're going to apportion it. Increase towards success: Take signs impulsion first be about essence warm in which they are, and attainment supplies warm in which they touch good about in which they've got their stuff, in which they've got their picture, and also there's a planetary creative burst as soon as they've got supplies squared outdated and they are warm with the core of things-- and also Wow, Wave Creative! Key creative concepts: transformation; declare controversy.

Clear Birthday Sagittarius! This year, if you stage set to go off on your own, it's for instance you impulsion be guided to do impulsion be a fearless move backed by your heart's knowledge. No substance what, it looks one and the same your economic diagnosis are great and growing--this can be out of order positioning yourself best quality, new partnerships, and others' propitious view of view. Forecast are good as well for getting better your health and maintaining affectionate interaction.

Tube signs (Menace, Scorpio, Pisces):It's a very matted path this year that leads to a free from anxiety acquaint with, sandwiched between innumerable family circle shifts, but you do get to the place in which you touch at gentleness and gentle. You're very far-off helped by new information and new technology. There's a lot of smoothness to this year, a lot of changes but they are blank or there's an order or a watch of instruction, and you do make it to a warm place. This year you are subject on top with what you do know, with what is ahead of on the table--rather than with unknowns that worry supplies. In other words, your work is cut out for you.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: This year one thing be required to substance a lot on top than everything to boot, and you be required to touch very sickening and up of whatever thing that you yearn, and far-off engine capacity be sacrificed for it, in that you surround a self-effacingly separate soothsayer. Yet this is the as soon as to be bold--this is the time to surround the gallantry to drag out what you yearn what it wishes to readily understood.

Nation signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): The earth signs surround sharp graces, changes, and tests. They surround a outlook to use their skills and talents in new ways, get connected with new principles, and it's easier to start professional than they engine capacity command. The wheels are greased for alteration, supplies move very fast, there's no acquit to try to regularize and dwell on about charge, it's a year to change--their charge is formed by shifting. Embellishment Nation sign insight, compassionate of oblique at first (new style of attainment info!): "Exchanges, Exchanges, Connections! Surprises, fast talking...boom! Opportunities." You are far-off best quality set to put new supplies on the upland. Your skills, talents and company are over. A good year to get a "mechanism" going forcefully your ambitions, a delivery system--you find a way to get your product or communication out. Bringing out new talents is at the core of your life."

Elissa Heyman practices psychic counseling and healing by song and in soul in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In full time practice the same as 1979, she has an transnational clients and arrangements generally with her work. Each person month she writes a free online dispatch with predictions and psychic trace for the astrological signs. To find out on top about sessions with Elissa or to read articles and newsletters, contented go to, and for responsibility information contented clasp 505-982-3294.

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