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Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Every Bally Astrocade put on tape ever completed

40 Governor Releases
1 Prototype
2 Duplicates


$ Rarer, harder to find put on tape
! Prototype
(..) Log
[..] Moreover known as


280 Zzzap/Dodgem Bally
Amazin' Maze/Tic-Tac-Toe Bally
Arcade - Motorcade Bally
Arms Duel Bally
Astro Contest [Spread Invaders] Astrovision
$! Astrology Bally
Bally Simple Bally
Bally Simple - Motorcade Bally
Bally Pin Bally
Basketball Bally
BioRhythm Bally
Blask Jak/Poker/Acey Deucey Bally
Crash Droids Esoterica
Checkers/Backgammon Bally
Clowns/Brickyard Bally
$ Stain Book (w/Light Pen) Bally
Extensive Raiders Astrovision
Dogpatch Bally
Anguish Race/Desert Fox Bally
Football Bally
Galactic Imposition [Galaxian] Astrovision
Galaxian [Galactic Imposition] Bally
Noble Prix/Demolition Derby Bally
Gunfight/Checkmate/Calculator/Scribbling (en suite) Bally
Impressive Wizard, The Astrovision
Record Match/Spell N Score/Crosswords Bally
Ms. Candyman L&M Software
Muncher Esoterica
Music Architect I Bally
New Bally Simple Method Bally
Panzer Attack/Red Baron Bally
Pirate's Line Bally
$ Hunt for the Orb Bally
Sea Devil L&M Software
Seawolf/Missile Bally
Soccer Bally
Planetary Pioneer Astrovision
Spread Retreat Bally
Spread Invaders [Astro Contest] Bally
Hasten Math/Bingo Arithmetic Bally
Moniker Contest Astrovision
Twister Baseball/Tennis/Hockey/Handball Bally
Importance Bay Bally